Monday, 31 March 2014

Health and Fitness

I thought in this post I would Share my Fitness Journey . If any of you haven't been following my Weight loss / Fitness Journey on Instagram (@donnauk). :)

I have always been an active/sporty person. Growing up I was always outdoors Bike Riding, Roller Skating/Blading, Playing Football, Basketball, Badminton and Tennis (I LOVE Tennis Andy Murray is my Favourite Player "Team Murray" :) ).
I just love being active and I workout everyday.

I have always been slim but in 2008 due to health reasons I was put on Medication and in that year I started to gain Weight. 2008 to 2010 I had gained over 4 stone :(. My confidence had gone and I really needed to do something about it. So I stopped taking the medication in 2011 and that is where my Weight Loss Journey Began.

In the past 2 years I've been so focused on Eating Clean and Training everyday, I finally  reached my first goal, which was fitting back into an outfit that I had from when I was at my smallest (I got the outfit in 2004)

Picture from my Instagram ~ @donnaukx

It hasn't been easy, even though I love working out and eating Healthy (Its true what they say, it gets addictive). There are days when I don't want to Eat Clean and workout. The scales don't say what I want them to say and I just wanted to give up. But I just kept going and tried to Stay Positive and kept focused on what I wanted.
We all know Weight loss takes time and This is a lifestyle not a quick fix, and I have to admit being Gluten & Wheat Intolerant makes the Eat Clean/Healthy a lot easier, No take aways/JUNK food for me ( and yes I Really MISS them).
'If you do the WORK, you'll get the RESULTS'
Now I have reached my Second Goal, which is getting back to the weight I was before being on Medication. Yay for me :)

My Journey is no longer a weight loss Journey, It is now a Fitness Journey. My main focus now is to be Fit , Healthy and Happy :).

For more of My Fitness Journey and Meals I mainly post on Instagram. :)

In future Posts I will Share more of my Fitness Journey, Workouts, Equipment I use etc.

Hope I've inspired you to start living a Healthy Lifestyle.

Any questions or Comments are welcome.

until next time #FitFam

Donna x



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