Monday, 7 April 2014

Crochet Dog Sweater

Paw Print
Its been a while since I decided to teach myself how to crochet. At the beginning I was crocheting throws and little embellishments mainly to practice and to learn how to read patterns. When I started to became more confident I moved onto Cushions, beanie hats and even made myself a Christmas Wreath, which was fun.
(please see Crochet items for pictures )

I found that these patterns were to basic, I wanted to start making/crocheting things that are more detailed and challenging. So after looking through my Art of Crochet FOLDERS!! I have so many patterns its over whelming.
I came across this Pattern for a Dog Sweater.

Art of Crochet Pattern

As many of you know, I love Dogs (who doesn't !). So I thought this would be a perfect pattern to start.

This pattern was in issue 143, so my first thought was "This is going to be difficult!".  At first, I admit I had trouble reading the pattern, In fact I read the pattern completely wrong on the first attempt. I increased instead of decreasing! and I had trouble with the borders. Once I figured out what went wrong, and fixed it. I was feeling really proud of myself - I had made a dog sweater. :)

First Dog Sweater

With this pattern I thought I would change it a little bit, I decided to use 2 colours instead of the Multi-coloured yarn they suggested in the pattern. By using the 1 plain colour for the sweater you can see the pattern along the top (which I love) really clearly and the borders in a different colour, just to make it different.

A friend had noticed the sweater on my Facebook and asked me if I could make her dog a sweater. Of course I said yes. I was over the moon, that someone wants me to make something for them. I wanted to get started straight away. After selecting what colours she would like and getting the measurements of her dog. I had a problem (looking back not a major problem but at the time it felt like it was) the size of her dog was a lot bigger then what my pattern went up to.
I had to really put my 'reading patterns' knowledge to the test. After making 'some' amendments to the pattern - I finished the sweater.

2nd Sweater in Purple and Grey
I was really happy with it, but really worried. I thought I might of amended the pattern wrong,  because this was my first attempt at amending patterns and I'm not very good at maths. But I didn't need to worry, I got sent this picture.

So Cute!!

The Sweater fits Perfectly and she looks Gorgeous - Don't you agree :).
I'm so happy with the sweater and to my surprise finding out I'm not that bad at reading/following patterns and Maths :). and to top it off,  she asked me to make her dog another sweater (please see Video). #Happy :)

Please check out my YouTube Video - the Making of the Dog Sweater :) (thought I'd try something different) .

For the pattern I used -  The Art of Crochet

I need to get back to my crocheting, I've got Dog Sweaters to make :).

Till next time Crafters

Donna x

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