Monday, 21 April 2014

Food: Gluten Free Wraps

I really miss Bread and Pizza.
Before I found out I was Gluten Intolerant, I pretty much lived on Sandwiches. not very healthy, I know, but I Loved sandwiches.

So far I haven't been very lucky finding a decent GF loaf of bread or rolls. They are always rock hard, so you have to make toasties. Which you don't always have the time to do.
A friend of mine told me she found Wraps in her local supermarket that are really nice, but they are just over £3!!! and you only get three in a pack!
Yep, you did read that right, over a £1 a wrap! . I was like 'No, too expensive'. 'I don't miss bread that much'. but my other half did find them in our local on "sale" (£2.60) and got me them for me to try.
£3.10 for 3 wraps
 I did ask Newburn Bakehouse why are they so expensive, they said

"We have to use more ingredients and bake in smaller batches due to the nature of our gluten free products. This means we can't always make the savings we'd like."

I understand their reply, but they do sell 'normal' wraps a pack of 6 for £1.30 - Its a bit of a difference! They must be making a nice profit on the normal wraps? #JustSayin
Anyway, I guess its the down side of being GI, Things are more expensive.
I'm guessing you would like to know my opinion on the wraps. Well it pains me to say it, they are really nice!! They are so soft and taste great, a bit floury but Personally I couldn't tell I was eating something Gluten Free.
The first wrap I made was a GF Chicken Nugget, Lettuce and Low Fat Mayo. If you are vegetarian Quorn Chicken Nuggets are NOT GF.
Then I made my own version of a breakfast wrap: One egg Omelette, One slice of Quorn bacon, a few mushrooms and some tomato ketchup.   
McDonalds eat your heart out ;)

For the final Wrap I made a Pizza :)
one Slice of Quorn Bacon, Mushrooms, Spinach, Sweet corn and Low Fat Cheddar Cheese

I will be getting these wraps again, but not all the time. The price is not good for the budget!! I will be keeping an eye out for the reduced sticker ;).
Till next time
Donna x

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