Monday, 14 April 2014

My Diet: Living Gluten/Wheat Free

I found out I was Gluten & Wheat Intolerant in 2011,  I found it very difficult to begin with because Everything I used to eat contained Gluten and/or Wheat. I admit I'm a very fussy eater, I don't like spicy foods. My diet is very plain or to others, Boring.
So when I found out, the Food I actually like was making me sick. It got quite depressing. I was like no more 'Treats', How am I going to eat when we go out. I felt left out, whenever friends/family ordered takeaways or went out for food, I couldn't have any. The first year was a struggle, I kept being ill after eating even though there wasn't any Gluten/Wheat in it and I didn't know why. I got fed up and pretty much feeling sorry for myself!

My Parents found this book

Yes it is a book for Dummies (haha) but I found it really helped me understand about being intolerant, and I learned so much more from it. I realised why I was still being ill, I was (by accident) cross contaminating my food and forgetting to check the ingredients on EVERYTHING!. About four months of following this book I finally started to feel better (it takes a while for your body to recover from the gluten). I really recommend getting this book!

Once my body felt like it was better, I started to focus on my Weight loss. I wouldn't say I lost the weight because I'm Gluten Free. Most Gluten free products have more calories and most of the time are a smaller portion, so you end up eating more.
My weight started to go down once I started to 'Eat Clean'.

Because I was checking for Gluten or Wheat ingredients on everything, I started to notice how much Crap is in our food. After being ill , I wanted to make sure my body was getting the right nutrients. So I now try and eat more of a vegetarian diet and cut out the 'Crap'

Stop eating Crap
Of course I miss 'Junk Food' - I still treat myself to it. I have learned I can change it to a gluten free version and sometimes make it a bit healthier.

So in future posts I will be sharing some of my recipes and Gluten/Wheat Free Products I find.

I'm really proud of myself, turning this into a positive. I'm on my way to a Happy and Healthier me :)

Till next time
Eat Clean, Train Mean :)

Donna x

PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST. This is what I find works for me.

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