Thursday, 10 April 2014


When I started my Weight loss Journey in 2012, I needed something that would give me a bit more motivation. I didn't want to join a weightwatchers or slimming world (in other words paying someone to weigh me!).
The thing I found that works for me, surprisingly was Instagram. I followed so many Fitness / Motivation 'Fitspo' accounts at the beginning.
I have now narrowed them down to the ones that inspire and motivate me the most. I do have a few favourite accounts and the best thing, I'm constantly finding more to keep me motivated.
The one thing I noticed with these accounts, was they all took Pictures (obviously! it's Instagram) of their Progress.

So I started taking pictures at least once a month, (in the same outfit) to see if I could see a difference.

 Its a great feeling seeing how much I've progressed.

One of my tips is: Take Pictures!
When you are having a bad day or you've lost your motivation, look back and compare your pictures and see how far you have come, and remember why you started. I promise you, you will get your motivation back. It worked for me :)

What a difference a year makes
 One of the best feelings is when you notice some of your old clothes are starting to fit again.

A Coat I purchased when I was at my smallest now Fits :)

From 2010 I've only been able to wear 10 - 20% of my clothes in my wardrobe.  Since I've started my weight loss journey that percentage is getting bigger! Most of my clothes in there are still 'new' they still have the labels on them!.

Today I achieved another one of my goals
I 'squeezed' into my Goal Trousers!!! Yes I did say Squeezed, they are a bit tight to wear out. But I got them on! I haven't been able to wear these for years! I have had these trousers since I was 15 lol. Just a little bit more to go and I will not only be able to wear these trousers again, but All the clothes in my wardrobe. :)

I'm looking forward to my next Progress Pic. :)

Remember Progress is Progress no matter how small :)

Till next time

Donna x

Pictures are from my Instagram

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