Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Viakal Review

(Please note: As of January 2016 due to my lifestyle change (vegan, sustainable) I no longer use this product, Product I now use HERE )

I've been a member of Supersavvyme and their Savvy Circle for a long time and have tested and reviewed many products. In March I was picked to be part of their team for their Viakal Project.
Yes I was quite excited, I've never been picked to be part of their projects before. I'm a bit of a clean Freak, So getting picked for this project, I thought was great. I could see if it really works. I get a lot of limescale in my bathroom, esp. since our en suite shower is out of use. So the limescale in the bathroom gets really bad!.

About a week after I found out I was picked, I received my Starter Pack.

And during that week, I wanted to see if this product would work. So I didn't use any Limescale products in my cleaning routine, I just used a bathroom cleaner. My bathroom was not looking good, this Limescale drives me mad! (no seriously, it really does).  

Viakal says "its Formula respects your surfaces and helps prevent limescale return."

I read through my starter pack and I couldn't wait to get started.

Embarrassing Before Pic  

Nice and Shiny :)
I am really impressed with how shiny Viakal left my taps looking, I had to leave the spray on the taps for 5 min. Which it does say to do for Tough spots.

Then I used Viakal on the Kitchen Sink.

Before Picture ~ Limescale and watermarks.

After ~ Brilliant Shine :)

My Sink looks so shiny - I again left the product on there for 5 mins.
Brilliant results.

Its been a month since I started this project and I can't fault Viakal.
Viakal do say "Used regularly, it will provide clean and shiny surfaces every day". 
I have noticed a big difference in the amount of limescale that is on my taps, they are still looking as good as new. So in my book, it does what it says. Viakal does help prevent Limescale.  
I also noticed Viakal has a pleasant smell (compared to another limescale remover). Which is great.

My role in this project was to help spread the word about Viakal. Everyone I have spoken to about it and/or have given them a bottle to try for themselves. They have all agreed with me, it left a brilliant shine on their surfaces.

I really recommend Viakal its not everyday you get a product that does what it says.

Now I'm just waiting for my en suite to be finished and I can let Viakal do the work and clean my shower. :)

Donna x

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