Monday, 30 June 2014

30 Day Fitness Challenge

I mentioned in a previous post, I was going to attempt the 30 day Arm Challenge again. I tried this and the abs before, and with both of them got to about day 14 and just repeated till I could get any better. So, after attempting the Arm one again, This is what I think of these challenges!

I think they are rubbish! Again I only made it half way. If you can do them, great! but I personally was struggling and I felt like I was over working my muscles too much. I know you have to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone to improve your fitness. Working out these muscle groups (nearly) everyday and pushing that bit more, Isn't good for me. My Triceps were killing, and (when I did the Abs) my lower Abs.

I think these challenges are only good if you can do 50 push ups, 120 dips and 150 bicep curls in one go. And/or 125 sit ups, 200 crunches and 65 leg raises.
I can not!!.

Also if anyone thinks they are going to lose weight (fat) just by doing these challenges, Think again. The only way to see muscle is to get rid of the fat that is covering them. It will take a lot longer than 30 days to get great looking arms and great Abs!

I think I will stick with my Yoga and Jillian Michaels workouts, They seem to be working for me :) But. I am thinking of taking up running, more like jogging.. okay more like a quick walk ;) I'll let know how it goes.

Donna x

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Music Themed Happy Birthday Card

When I received a few samples of Business cards for my recycle challenge with Goodprint (see Post)
There was this cute cassette card that I just had to make something with.

Looking at this business card takes me back to when I was little, I was always listening to music on my Walkman (still do, but now its an iPod :)). I loved my Walkman and I had sooooo many mixed tapes, I think I still have them somewhere at my parents place.
Anyway back to this, I decided to make a greeting card, for a young at heart (someone who wishes they were still 16 ;) ) music fan. Because the tapes are red and black, I stayed with that colour theme and added some gold.

I found in my 'stack' of papers a music note sheet, that I think is perfect for this card.
Used some gold mirror card
I coloured in, using pencils, the Happy Birthday stamped image in red and black and mounted onto gold mirror card.
Here is the finished card:
I really like it :)
Donna x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Recycle week with GoodPrint

In case any of you didn't see my tweets last week. I was given a challenge by the people at GoodPrint , for this years Recycle week  16th - 22nd June, to find a way of recycling old business cards and turning them into something beautiful.

Please see attached links to see my Challenge over 2 Blog posts from Good Print.

Part 1 Blog Post:

Part 2 Blog Post :

I hope you've enjoyed my crafty challenge and got you thinking about recycling things in a crafty way.
I would like to thank Goodprint for this opportunity. I really had a lot of fun with this, and I hope I get to work with them again in the future.  

Have you already recycled? turned something old into something new? I would love to know.

Till next time Crafters

Donna x

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Just Saying :)

You may or may not have noticed, yesterday I did a 'Beauty' post. No I haven't changed to a beauty blog. I have nothing against beauty blogs, I love reading them and I follow a few.
I was actually practising my photography 'skills', I really liked how the pictures turned out, so I decided why not write a post about my favourite lip scrub.
I will occasionally ( more like rarely) post a Beauty review, but if I do find anything I really like and esp. if its natural, handmade. I will share my review on that product.
I think its one of the best things about having a Lifestyle blog, I can write whatever I damn well want. :)
Donna x

Saturday, 21 June 2014

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub


I'm so obsessed with this Lip Scrub from LUSH. It smells and tastes Great!! I know you aren't supposed to eat it, but it really does taste of candy and it does say 'lick off the excess' ;). This cute little tub goes everywhere with me. I like to use it before I apply my lip balm/gloss. 
Its a great natural way to keep your lips soft and smooth.

Donna x



Friday, 20 June 2014

How does your garden grow?

I miss having a garden. When I'm at my parents I spend most of my time in the garden, esp. with the dogs. But, really I love gardening, being with nature and growing your own fruit and veggies, Its so rewarding and its FREE Food!!.
At the moment I'm trying to grow some tomatoes and salad leaves on my kitchen window sill.

Hopefully I will start getting some tomatoes soon!.

Fresh home grown Organic Fruit and Vegetables taste delicious, they always taste better than what you get in a supermarket.
Every year my parents grow lots of fruit and vegetables. You have to be quick with picking them, because the Dogs always pick what they want!. They think they have their own buffet!, but seriously it is cute watching them pick what they want and very funny watching them pick blackberries!   
My parents grow so much, that near the end of the season, It feels like with every meal, we have to have Green Beans with it!! luckily they taste great :).

This year the garden is getting a spruce up, but that doesn't mean my parents haven't planted anything.

So far we have LOTS of Strawberries

and I've been picking Lettuce for my lunches :)

And if the dogs stop eating them, we should get some Carrots :)

There is no better way of eating clean than growing your own!!

Do you grow any fruits or veggies? Do you grow them in your garden or on a window sill?

Donna x

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fathers Day Card - Handmade By Donna

This card I made for my dad for Fathers day, this year. I've had this image for a while, and I knew straight away when I saw it, it would be perfect for my dad.

Being that its National Recycle Week, I thought I would share with you (if you didn't already know). I'm really in to recycling 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' :) and I've already mentioned in a previous post, 'Crafters never throw anything away'. Quite a few cards I have made have images from old Cards, Calendars, magazines, leaflets and if you follow me on Twitter and/or my Facebook page, you've seen my challenge with GoodPrint recycling old Business Cards.

This Card is made from images I have reused from another card and the main image I cut out of an old wall calendar.

I think it's really cute :)

Do you recycle things for Craft projects?
For more please see my Facebook Page Handmade By Donna, If you like what you see please Like my page :)
Donna x

Friday, 13 June 2014

0 - Tennis

Todays Friday Favourite is all about one of my favourite sports and that is TENNIS!!!

If you didn't already know my Favourite Tennis Player is Andy Murray (sorry that's Dr. Andy Murray OBE) :) 'Team Murray'. I follow Tennis all year round, But I love it when its the grass season.
Wimbledon is my favourite out of all the Grand Slam tournaments, I have never actually been to Wimbledon :( I will one day!!.  All the other Slams I only really watch Andy, but this slam I watch from start to finish.

I just love everything to do with this slam, The traditions, Dress Codes, Colours and Strawberries! :)

Lets just hope the rain holds off :)

Oh and one more thing, just in case you might have forgotten

:) Love this picture

Come on Andy!!!!

23rd June - 6th July please do not disturb ;)

Donna x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

You wait ages for one ;) Handmade By Donna

So far this year I seem to be only making 30th Birthday cards, I'm not complaining, its been fun. But it is nice now I've finished them to move on to different cards :). At the moment I can't share all the cards I have done, but this one I can.

When I do cards for people, I like to find out what that person's favourite things are. So I can try and make the card more personal to them.
With this card, this person loves anything to do with transport, and his favourite film is The Italian Job (I'm guessing those who know me, have sussed who this card is for ;)).
I didn't want to do the obvious Red, White and Blue MINIs, But I decided to stay with that colour theme and use Buses instead.
The card looks very patriotic, I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

To make this card, I used this really cool rubber stamp set from Docrafts, called Portobello Road

I really like these stamps, I've used another stamp from this collection, for a Birthday card I can't share yet.
 I coloured in the buses using Red, Silver and Blue Metallic Gel Pens.

Because I went with the red, white and blue theme, the only backing paper I could think of using was the Union Jack. Which I got from a Docrafts Forever Friends Best of British CD-ROM. (I don't think they sell it anymore, so I can't give you the link for it (Sorry).).

And inside of the card, I coloured in a Happy Birthday Stamped image with red, grey and blue.

I really hope he likes it.

Donna x

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Favourite

This week I thought I would share one of my Favourite quotes and songs, I'm sharing both because the quote is mentioned in the song :)

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out (+playlist)

Have a great weekend everyone

Donna x

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Take the Pledge!!

I don't know about you, but finding out today that the Government are finally introducing the 5p charge for Plastic bags on 1st October 2015! - I feel like yelling 'Why can't it start NOW!!!!' and 'Why not every retailer??'

Smaller retailers will be exempt from this 5p charge. My opinion, This is not a great idea! The plastic bags I see around where I live are from small retailers and take away places! How is this helping the cause for reducing plastic bags??.  

**Bag charges are already in place in Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland and have been extremely successful in reducing the distribution of single use bags and associated littering of the environment.**
So why not start NOW and include all retailers?!?!.

I don't understand why, others don't bring your own bag(s). You can get really cute, handy 'Bags for Life', 're useable bags' that fold up and fit into your pockets, hand bag etc.

I detest Plastic Bags, they are so bad for the environment and marine life. Its so disgusting seeing plastic bags (and other rubbish! which is mainly plastic) littering our country and waterways. I know a lot of Boaters complain because the bags also damage their boats.

Today I signed Even though I have done for years, I pledge to refuse single use bags!. Please sign and spread the word about this campaign. We need to break the bag habit!! 

Here is a link from Keep Britain Tidy about the campaign Break the Habit

Coots using 'Our' rubbish for a nest :(
 I find it sad, nature recycles better than we do.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Donna x

** Quote from

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nearly half way through

Hello June! We are nearly half way through 2014 already, Time is really flying by. I was thinking about my goals I made for this year, so I thought I would have a bit of an update with what's been going on.

Weight loss/Fitness Journey - At the moment my weight is starting to go again, Yay!!, The beginning of this year up to last month my weight hasn't really moved, even though I know I've lost because clothes are fitting me again. It was (still is) going down but not quick enough!.  So from today I'm going to be really strict with my diet, (if you've been following me on Instagram I've started to cut out Dairy). No cheats and I'm increasing my workouts.  I decided to do the Arm Challenge again. Yes AGAIN!! I also did the abs challenge before too and last time (with both) I only made it to day 14 and kept repeating until I could do a bit more. Hopefully this time I will complete it. Wish me luck :).
 I've decided to just do this one because I do a lot of Abs exercises with my other workouts.

Two of my other goals, was to read more, which I'm doing :) I should get a bit more time to read soon, I'm looking after these two again. Hopefully the weather will be great and we will spend time in the garden. (expect lots of new pictures of these two :)).

 and my other goal, was to drive again. Which I have been. The last time I had driven my car was in 2010!! It feels great getting my confidence back. I've only been driving short distances but its a start and I'm doing it!! :)

Handmade By Donna   I've been really busy lately with my card making. I can't share any cards just yet, but there are a few 30th Birthday cards :). I've also had a good clear out with my craft bits. It was difficult but I managed to get rid of a few things. Its true what they say about crafters, we never throw anything away!. 
For more of my Cards and Crochet items check out and Like my Facebook page :)

Lets see what the rest of this year brings.

till next time

Donna x

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