Friday, 13 June 2014

0 - Tennis

Todays Friday Favourite is all about one of my favourite sports and that is TENNIS!!!

If you didn't already know my Favourite Tennis Player is Andy Murray (sorry that's Dr. Andy Murray OBE) :) 'Team Murray'. I follow Tennis all year round, But I love it when its the grass season.
Wimbledon is my favourite out of all the Grand Slam tournaments, I have never actually been to Wimbledon :( I will one day!!.  All the other Slams I only really watch Andy, but this slam I watch from start to finish.

I just love everything to do with this slam, The traditions, Dress Codes, Colours and Strawberries! :)

Lets just hope the rain holds off :)

Oh and one more thing, just in case you might have forgotten

:) Love this picture

Come on Andy!!!!

23rd June - 6th July please do not disturb ;)

Donna x

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