Friday, 20 June 2014

How does your garden grow?

I miss having a garden. When I'm at my parents I spend most of my time in the garden, esp. with the dogs. But, really I love gardening, being with nature and growing your own fruit and veggies, Its so rewarding and its FREE Food!!.
At the moment I'm trying to grow some tomatoes and salad leaves on my kitchen window sill.

Hopefully I will start getting some tomatoes soon!.

Fresh home grown Organic Fruit and Vegetables taste delicious, they always taste better than what you get in a supermarket.
Every year my parents grow lots of fruit and vegetables. You have to be quick with picking them, because the Dogs always pick what they want!. They think they have their own buffet!, but seriously it is cute watching them pick what they want and very funny watching them pick blackberries!   
My parents grow so much, that near the end of the season, It feels like with every meal, we have to have Green Beans with it!! luckily they taste great :).

This year the garden is getting a spruce up, but that doesn't mean my parents haven't planted anything.

So far we have LOTS of Strawberries

and I've been picking Lettuce for my lunches :)

And if the dogs stop eating them, we should get some Carrots :)

There is no better way of eating clean than growing your own!!

Do you grow any fruits or veggies? Do you grow them in your garden or on a window sill?

Donna x

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