Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nearly half way through

Hello June! We are nearly half way through 2014 already, Time is really flying by. I was thinking about my goals I made for this year, so I thought I would have a bit of an update with what's been going on.

Weight loss/Fitness Journey - At the moment my weight is starting to go again, Yay!!, The beginning of this year up to last month my weight hasn't really moved, even though I know I've lost because clothes are fitting me again. It was (still is) going down but not quick enough!.  So from today I'm going to be really strict with my diet, (if you've been following me on Instagram I've started to cut out Dairy). No cheats and I'm increasing my workouts.  I decided to do the Arm Challenge again. Yes AGAIN!! I also did the abs challenge before too and last time (with both) I only made it to day 14 and kept repeating until I could do a bit more. Hopefully this time I will complete it. Wish me luck :).
 I've decided to just do this one because I do a lot of Abs exercises with my other workouts.

Two of my other goals, was to read more, which I'm doing :) I should get a bit more time to read soon, I'm looking after these two again. Hopefully the weather will be great and we will spend time in the garden. (expect lots of new pictures of these two :)).

 and my other goal, was to drive again. Which I have been. The last time I had driven my car was in 2010!! It feels great getting my confidence back. I've only been driving short distances but its a start and I'm doing it!! :)

Handmade By Donna   I've been really busy lately with my card making. I can't share any cards just yet, but there are a few 30th Birthday cards :). I've also had a good clear out with my craft bits. It was difficult but I managed to get rid of a few things. Its true what they say about crafters, we never throw anything away!. 
For more of my Cards and Crochet items check out and Like my Facebook page :)

Lets see what the rest of this year brings.

till next time

Donna x

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