Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Take the Pledge!!

I don't know about you, but finding out today that the Government are finally introducing the 5p charge for Plastic bags on 1st October 2015! - I feel like yelling 'Why can't it start NOW!!!!' and 'Why not every retailer??'

Smaller retailers will be exempt from this 5p charge. My opinion, This is not a great idea! The plastic bags I see around where I live are from small retailers and take away places! How is this helping the cause for reducing plastic bags??.  

**Bag charges are already in place in Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland and have been extremely successful in reducing the distribution of single use bags and associated littering of the environment.**
So why not start NOW and include all retailers?!?!.

I don't understand why, others don't bring your own bag(s). You can get really cute, handy 'Bags for Life', 're useable bags' that fold up and fit into your pockets, hand bag etc.

I detest Plastic Bags, they are so bad for the environment and marine life. Its so disgusting seeing plastic bags (and other rubbish! which is mainly plastic) littering our country and waterways. I know a lot of Boaters complain because the bags also damage their boats.

Today I signed Even though I have done for years, I pledge to refuse single use bags!. Please sign and spread the word about this campaign. We need to break the bag habit!! 

Here is a link from Keep Britain Tidy about the campaign Break the Habit

Coots using 'Our' rubbish for a nest :(
 I find it sad, nature recycles better than we do.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Donna x

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