Wednesday, 9 July 2014

'Bowl' Food

Many of you might know, I'm Gluten/Wheat intolerant and eat pretty much a Vegetarian diet. The past month I've noticed I'm also Dairy intolerant! So my 'Diet' has changed again. I hate using the word 'Diet'!.

I don't mind really, because I was gradually cutting out dairy from my 'Diet' (I can't think of another word to use!). But I was starting to feel like I did when I realised I was Gluten Intolerant :( .
The past week I've been having to pay so much attention (Again!) to what I eat, checking all the ingredients and changing my meals, because guess what, Dairy is in (feels like) everything!. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, but I snapped out of it (as they say) and tried to be positive and

I wouldn't say I'm now a Vegan because I am still eating eggs, but I'm not far off.

The past week I've noticed with every meal, I was eating out of a bowl!. Apart from my Roast Pizza ;) (It was so yummy!).

Here are a few of my meals from last week:


This breakfast is suitable for Vegans, Natures Path GF cereal and Coconut Milk :)

Lunches and/or Dinners: 

I say 'and/or' because these are BIG bowls of food!

2x hard boiled eggs with lettuce, spinach, beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Another meal I also had Basmati rice with it. (and I don't have eggs every time).


Gluten Free (Free From) pasta with broccoli and spinach cooked in the same pot, with grilled mushrooms and sweetcorn, and with Mayonnaise (yes Full Fat Mayo, low fat mayo contains Dairy).

Rice Noodles, with carrots, mushrooms, spinach, cabbage, beansprouts and sesame seeds. (Also suitable for Vegans) 

I just love how colourful my food looks :).

I've noticed I eat so much more food now, then I did before I was gluten intolerant, which is a good thing, my 'diet' was rubbish before. 
I know its really only been a little over a week, but, I think its a good thing having to change my 'diet' again. My 'diet' is going to be really clean. All of this food is so good for me, my body is getting all the nutrients it needs and hopefully my body will sort it self out! :).

I don't know why I got in a state at the beginning, I really need to focus on the positive, because things work out in the end. :)

...and I think I need to invest in some more bowls ;)

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Donna x

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