Thursday, 17 July 2014

Coconut Milk and Strawberry Ice Lolly

After reading one of my neighbours blog posts about Popsicles (Please check out her lovely Blog for great recipes ) I remembered I had purchased YEARS!! ago an Ice Lolly kit from Whittard of Chelsea (the kit is so old I don't think they sell them anymore)

So with the British summer truly underway its only fitting to have a go at making my own Ice lollies. 
I decided to make a Coconut Milk and Strawberry ice lolly

 I used Tesco Free From Coconut Milk and Tesco Finest Driscoll Jubilee Strawberries.

 I'm part of the Tesco Orchard programme, they sent me a coupon to spend on any of their selection of fresh berries. I picked up two of these packs of Strawberries. I love strawberries :). #TriedItFree

I'm very surprised at how delicious these strawberries tasted. Especially because I have been eating home grown strawberries from my parents house the past month (see post How does you garden grow?). We all know how great freshly picked fruit tastes and normally when you buy fruit in the supermarkets they don't normally taste of anything, (if you know what I mean :)). But with these I think it helps that they are British and local :). 
Back to the lollies :)
I chopped up 5 strawberries and filled up the cup with coconut milk
 I used my Magic Bullet to blend the two ingredients

Then I poured the mixture into the ice lolly moulds and put them in the freezer for about (it says on the ice lolly packaging) 4 hours but I left mine over night.

and That's it, Homemade, Gluten and Dairy free, no added anything Refreshing Ice lollies.
easy peasy lemon squeezy  (minus the lemon ;) ) :) 

And Yes they tasted great :)
Do you make your ice lollies?. Have you tried any of Tesco's Summer Berries? please leave a comment. And don't forget to check out for her Popsicle (and other) Recipes.
Donna x  

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