Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Flash Liquid-Gel Review

(Please note: As of January 2016 due to my lifestyle change (vegan, sustainable) I no longer use this product )

I was asked again by Supersavvyme to join one of their projects, this time it was for Flash Liquid-Gel.

Flash Liquid-Gel claims to be 2.5x more powerful in every drop compared to their lemon liquid and is multipurpose, so it can be used on both floors and worktops and in any room of the house.
My verdict : Tick, Tick, Tick!! I'm so happy with this product, it really does what it says on the tin :). I have used this in every room, on the floors (tiled, wood and laminate) and on work tops and it left everything really clean. I also used it on my cooker after cooking a Sunday roast 
Before pic: A cleanaholics worst nightmare

After Cooking
 After Pic: :) Very happy

After using Flash :) Nice and clean
 The only mistake was, I only cleaned the hob with the Flash, I should have cleaned other things too. Which is how I found out it really does go a long way. It took me a while to get the rest of the product off.

Too much to clean just one thing

Flash liquid-gel bottle is designed with a self-dosing cap. Which means no accidental spillages and you get the right amount every time and it really does go a long way :). 
Also this Flash liquid-gel is smaller than other Flash products, which is great for the environment!
This product is
  1. 60% less water Vs. current Flash dilute.
  2. 63% less water per bottle shipped.
  3. up to 45% less packaging when compared to the common Flash dilute, on a comparable wash.
  4. 40-50% fewer trucks (based on double stacking in trucks).

Thumbs up from me :)
and its not just me, every one I have mentioned this product to or have given them a sample to try, they have all said the same thing and have purchased a Flash Liquid-Gel for themselves.
The only fault for me but not others, is I don't really like the lemon scent. But I am weird ;)
I really think this product is brilliant for cleaning, its so good I went and purchased two for myself.

 I think these two smell better than the Crisp Lemons scent :).

Overall I think this project has been a success.

Have you tried the new Flash Liquid-Gel? Do you like it? Please leave a comment below :).

Donna x

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