Monday, 11 August 2014

Banana & Almond Smoothie

I mentioned in my last post Fruit Smoothies I'm going to try veggie smoothies, Well, apart from adding spinach to a few smoothies (which taste great!). That is as far as I have gotten. I thought I don't really need to go crazy with the veggie smoothies, because I eat Veggies at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. So having (just) Fruit in my smoothies is ok. But I'm still going to mix up my smoothies and try out different recipes. I don't want them to get boring.

I've been searching through my recipe books for some ideas for my smoothies and I came across this book, that a friend of mine gave me years ago.

and found this recipe inside

Click on the picture to make it bigger :)
I just had to try it, and me being me, changed the recipe :).
Instead of soya milk, I used Coconut milk and because I only wanted a glass (1 serving), I used 1 ripe banana and I honestly just used a handful of Almonds, I hardly ever use scales, only when I bake. Most of the time I just look and think yep that's enough (not kidding ;) ). and I didn't add cinnamon.
First, I ground the Almonds
Then I added the banana and coconut milk
Then blend until I was happy it was blended together.

and that's it
If you love banana milkshakes and almonds you will love this.
Click on the picture to make it bigger :)

There is a lot of the 'good stuff' in this drink. I didn't know that adding Almonds help to increase the protein content, good job I had this after my workout :).
Do you have any smoothie recipes? Do you also have a habit of changing recipes? Leave me a comment, I would love to know :)
Till next time
Donna x
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  1. I cook the same way--by estimating and "eyeballing it--and rarely use measuring cups. Did you have to add sugar at all, or was it already pretty sweet?

    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. I think its more fun, until I really like something and I can't remember how I cooked it ;). It does say in the original recipe to add a little bit of honey to sweeten (optional) but I don't think it needed it. The banana I used was very ripe :)