Monday, 1 September 2014

Keep Calm and Do Yoga

With Yoga I always thought how is standing or sitting there and just 'posing' a good workout?!? boy was I wrong!

I've been practising Yoga (on the Wii Fit) since about 2012.  At the beginning I would add a few poses in to my workout routine. Then I started doing a couple of days a week (with not very good balance) to just recently practicing yoga everyday, my balance and flexibility has improved so much (not excellent but good ;)). I'm definitely not an expert, I'm still a beginner.

I only knew some basic poses and recently I've been wanting to try some new ones.
A few months ago I missed out on a Yoga challenge (on Instagram) and afterwards I said if there is another one I will give it a go. So the past month I did the #ShesGotLegs Challenge (I mentioned the challenge previously in this Post :) ).

Here are my 'attempts' at each pose:

The pictures are quite small, I didn't want to bore you with 31 pictures. If you want to see each pose, please see my Instagram page for each day :).

Quite a lot of them were really difficult to do. Okay, I lied, they are ALL difficult to do. Some of them I wasn't even close. lol. but hey at least I was trying!. Luckily @BeachYogaGirl gave other options for each pose. I couldn't get my legs behind my head.  :)

The one big challenge I had with this this was, Comparing myself to others, who were also doing the challenge. They made all the poses look so easy!.  I kept getting a bit disheartened, I had to keep telling myself this is my journey and by practising (lots of practise!) I will improve and get more flexible and I have to stop comparing myself to others!!. #LifeLesson :)

I'm really noticing the benefits of Yoga.
I find Yoga both challenging and relaxing. My balance, flexibility and posture are improving so much and I find it really helps with my anxiety.  
I had a lot of fun with this challenge, learning all the different poses. I'm going to join in with Septembers challenge #BalanceBasics

Will you join me? Remember Progress not Perfection :)

Donna x

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