Monday, 29 September 2014

Positive Mental Attitude - Fitness Journey

Today, I'm feeling rather Proud of myself.

The past week I've been noticing more small differences about myself, they maybe small differences but that doesn't matter, they are differences!. I decided this morning to try on my old trousers again (the pair I had when I was at school, my 'goal' trousers). The last time I tried them on, I squeezed into them (blog post ). but today they felt a lot looser, but they still aren't suitable to wear out.
So I was feeling really good about myself. Remembering that these trousers fitted me when I was at my 'smallest', and thinking yay I'm nearly there!. So I thought I would weigh myself, thinking I must have lost a lot! errr wrong, Nooope, I have actually gained 3 pounds!! (Since the last weigh in).

Now this is where the feeling proud comes in to it :).

Instead of crying, feeling depressed and just generally feeling like I want to give up, because I've been working so hard and the last thing you want to see is a weight gain!!

I felt Fantastic - maybe it helped that I tried the trousers on first, I don't know. but I'm more focused on the fact that I'm getting stronger and leaner and don't care anymore about 'weightloss'    

Since my fitness journey / weight loss Journey started I've always known not to go by the scales, but we all know, we like the scales to be low. Which is really not a healthy way to think!!. My main focus was to get rid of the Fat!!  
I've obviously finally trained my brain to think yes Fat not Weight! :).

The past couple of months I've changed my workouts and have manly been focusing more on yoga and body weight training. Just in this short space of time, I'm noticing how much stronger and leaner I'm getting. I think I may have found the workouts that are right for me. Plus I'm really determined to improve all of the yoga poses I have been doing :).

Its great to find something that keeps you motivated.

Its also a great feeling realising how much I have learned and have grown in the past 3 years.

Donna x

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