Thursday, 2 October 2014

Balance Basics - Fitness Journey

Septembers Yoga challenge was all about Balance!

One of my Favourite poses :)

Yes, Balance! We need it. Balance is your body’s physical stability. We use/need it in every physical activity we do. You always find the truth in that, the day after you do a really intense workout (mine, is when I do a Bob Harper Workout!!!) and you can feel every muscle in your core area when you move #pain!!.

Its good to keep your balance as you age, without a strong core, you’re more likely to suffer back pain, lose your balance and fall, or be more prone to injury during exercise. To keep our balance we need to build our 'core' muscles, it's the key to staying strong and upright as we age.

Also another great thing, during balance training your body has to work harder to stabilize. That means it helps you burn more calories!.

This Challenge I enjoyed a lot more than last months (see Post ) I've found out my balance is a lot better than my flexibility. (I know what I need to work on :) ) But that doesn't mean I found this challenge easier, oh no.

Here are my 'attempts' at each pose: (Please see my Instagram page to see each day and the names of each pose :) )

You may have noticed Day 11 is missing, That one is the Tripod Headstand. I didn't attempt that one. Well, actually I did try. But, my head and neck felt so uncomfortable I stopped. I felt a bit defeated, because I really want to do Headstands again, I was so good at them when I was little. After posting this on Instagram, a friend gave me some advice and said I should try/practice a Ashtanga Headstand instead.
After searching 'how tos' I found Kino MacGregors video (she is @Kinoyoga from these yoga challenges).

As you can see from the video, this Headstand involves balancing on your forearms. Following this video I should be able to Strengthen my shoulders and be able to do a headstand. Practice, Practice, Practice :).

Also, while doing this challenge, I realised how far I have come in my fitness journey. I was completely shocked that I could do (okay, more like attempt) most of these poses. Esp.  the ones where I was holding my own body weight. I remember at the beginning of my journey, I couldn't even hold a plank for 10 seconds! #GettingStronger #Shocked!!! and yes I ached a lot, which is great! No Pain, No Gain :).

Balance Training is good for any age, So start now! add a few poses into your workout routine and watch the progress. It can take practice, sometimes a lot. But remember Progress not Perfection :)

I've set myself a new fitness goal, and that is to keep working on building my strength, esp. in my arms/shoulders. So I can do a Headstand and eventually a Handstand (without using the wall). :)

I have already started this months Challenge :).

Time to work on my flexibility :)

Will you join me?

Have you set yourself any fitness goals? Do you add balance into your workout routine? and more importantly ;) can you do a headstand and/or handstand? I would love to know or if you have any advice, please leave a comment :).


Donna x

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