Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Fitness Journey - The mental side

Whatever 'Journey' you are going though we all need something that reminds us to stay positive, to keep us focused and motivated. You may have noticed I use the quote/# ProgressNotPerfection quite a lot. This quote is my motivation that keeps me going and keeps me positive. I'm really glad I found this quote and I will tell you why.

Sharing my Fitness / Weight loss Journey online (esp. on Instagram) can be a great thing and also a bad thing, don't get me wrong I think Instagram can be a great place for inspiration and motivation. Seeing other people share their stories / journeys, getting tips etc to help you is great.
But, for me esp. after about 6 months into my Journey (back than, I was mainly focusing on Weight loss, bad, I know) I started to compare myself to others and kept wondering why my 'weightloss' was a lot less than theirs. I also started to feel disappointed with my 'Progress Pics'. Other peoples always seemed to look so much better.
I could see I was going down a negative path and I ended up un following quite a few fitness accounts.

I find that quite weird that the accounts that helped me at the beginning were now doing the exact opposite. But, I know it was what was in my head that needed sorting out. These accounts did nothing wrong, I don't think I was jealous of their progress I was more frustrated I wasn't getting the results after all the hard work I was putting in. Completely forgetting my body at that time was going through crap because of the Gluten intolerance and the reason why I gained the weight in the first place! My body was still healing.

It was only when an account I follow posted this picture

I had a look through my own IG account and noticed all the progress I had made and to be honest I was pretty proud of myself. (Progress blog post)

(repost pic)

Since then I have been focusing on my own journey, But, recently since I've started my 'Yoga Journey', old habits have crept back and I found myself comparing myself to others again (I mentioned this in this Post). Before I reached the negative stage, I noticed the # ProgressNotPerfection on quite a lot of Yoga pictures. And for some known reason it stuck with me. It could be because the lovely ladies I follow for the Yoga Challenges always talk about how far they have come on their journey and showing us their progress and also how they struggle or had struggled with some poses and they always make sure there are options for all levels.
Its not about focusing on perfecting the pose its what you learn on your journey (Yes I know I'm getting very hippie ;) ). but, so far I'm going to have to agree, focusing on my progress (not perfection) is helping me stay motivated. What I'm learning on my journey is changing me for the better and Perfecting the Pose is going to be a bonus :).

Progress not perfection can be used for any thing. It reminds me to stay focused on the positive, you will always find progress whether its mental or physical.

I still follow quiet a few fitness accounts on Instagram. I love following other peoples journeys and seeing there progress. I still think its the best place for inspiration and motivation esp. if you find the right accounts.

And the one other thing I like to remind myself is, this is YOUR journey

Till next time
Eat Clean, Train Mean and remember Progress not Perfection :)

Donna x    

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