Friday, 12 December 2014

Woody and Jessie ~ Vlog

I love dogs, since I've moved out of my parents house (6 years ago!). I no longer live with a dog(s) :(. I really miss them, I've always had dogs, so when I get asked to 'Dog Sit' Woody and Jessie, I jump at the chance.

Woody and Jessie are 8 year old (Yellow and Black) Labrador Retrievers and they are my family dogs. I can't believe they are 8!! It still feels like yesterday we got them. And Yes, we did name them after Woody & Jessie from Toy Story :).

They are your typical Labrador. Like to eat (everything!), Sleep, Play in the water, preferably muddy and retrieve. Well, Woody likes to retrieve :)

Through out the year I get to look after these two, and I love every single bit of it.
I literally spend the whole time dedicated to them.

I take so many pictures and video footage. I put together a little video of my time with them when I 'dog sat' in November.

Hope you enjoyed my little video, I really enjoyed putting it together.

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Do you have any pets?

Till next time

Donna x 
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