Thursday, 29 January 2015

Heat Holders


Please note this isn't a Sponsored post, This is my own review :).

Anyone out there that suffers with Bad circulation, Raynauds or just cold feet, know how painful it is and it can get you down. I wanted to share with you what I think are the best socks I've found that keep my feet warm. This cold weather we are having at the moment (also called Winter ;) ) has been playing havoc with my feet, I've been living in these socks.

Ever since I can remember I've suffered with Raynauds and I have tried so many other types/brands of socks (who knew there could be so many!)  to try and keep my feet warm, in extreme circumstances I have had to use a hot water bottle, which is very difficult to keep on your feet all day. Last year my mum introduced me to these socks and this winter, I've finally got to use them.

Heat Holders say they are 'the warmest Thermal sock in the world' I agree with them. Heat Holders are Perfect. They are so comfortable and soft, with a 2.34 tog rating they keep your feet so warm.

They also sell pairs that are non slip. I haven't purchased a non slip pair yet. I haven't slipped in the 'normal' pairs, but with me, I'm not taking any odds ;)

The only down side is they can be a bit too thick to wear with some footwear I own :(. But, They are perfect to wear with your wellies when you are walking the dogs.

You can find Heat Holders in Matalan, Sports Direct and The Range (There are probably other stores, but this is where I find them. Please let me know in the comments if you know other stores that stock them.)

Have you tried Heat Holders? Do you have any tips to help with cold feet? Please leave me a comment below, I would love to read them :)

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