Monday, 19 January 2015

Motivation Monday

Ok I agree, It is nice to see a low number on the Scales and to keep track on how much we weigh. But don't let the number on the scales change how you feel the rest of the day. The scales don't show the whole truth!.

If the scales say you have gained, there are so many other reasons why, eg heavy meal, you have just eaten, water weight, The time of the month, lack of sleep, stress, the list goes on.

Our body weight can change about an average of +2lb though out the day (it can be more) and is totally normal. So if you do weigh yourself pick the same day and time. 

The best way to record your Fat loss is by taking measurements of yourself, I personally do this once a month.
And/or, use an old item of clothing (or new if you want), that used to fit you and go by how that item fits you. I know my main goal is to fit back into my entire wardrobe.

And/or take Photos of yourself, once a month and see if you can notice any differences. This is also great motivation, Its great to look back to see how far you have come. :)

1lb of Muscle looks a lot better then 1lb of Fat.

Donna x

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    1. Thanks Kate, Its one of the best things I've learnt on my journey :) x