Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Air Motion Pro Hair Brush

I've mentioned in a previous post ( Care for your Hair) I've been doing a lot of researching and trying to look after my hair. I found a competition to win a AirMotion Hair brush. I read (in the prize details) this is an Air Motion Brush design for stress- free hair, it glides through your hair.
I have never heard of this hairbrush before but, I was thinking this is the brush I'm looking for so I thought why not enter, and I was one of the winners. :)

Well, what can I say about this brush.... It is AWESOME!! really! It really is. The only way I can describe this brush is, It feels like it isn't brushing your hair, but obviously it is. It leaves my hair feeling so smooth.

*Air Motion developed specifically to reduce daily wear and tear on your hair

*AirMotion combines salon expertise and the latest technology incorporating a geometrically inspired Tri-Bristle configuration allowing the brush to glide through your hair, leaving it smooth, detangles and stress free.

My hair is so sensitive and 'fizzy' (new hair growing back :) yay!) at the moment. I can honestly say I agree, this Hair brush does what it says on the tin! :).

*Quotes from Air Motion Pro

I'm so grateful I won this hair brush. Here's to healthy and great looking hair :)

Have you tried this Hair brush?

 Donna x

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