Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Be Strong in 2015 ~ Yoga Challenge

After taking a break from Yoga and working out over the Christmas holidays, I've learnt very quickly to not take breaks, esp. long ones! I felt so crappy :(. I thought taking a (about) 2 week break would be okay because my food was good. I know November was a bad month for me with the workouts but these 2 weeks made me REALLY want to get back to my routine. I did have quite a few Duvet days over the Christmas holidays, don't get me wrong I enjoyed them, but I paid the price.

I will only take a break from now on when my body needs it, not because of a 'Holiday'. 
On the 1st of January I did my measurements and started getting back in to my workout routines.

#BeStrongin2015 is a great name for this months yoga challenge, It has helped me realise how much Stronger I'm getting, even after taking a break. I've progressed in quite a few poses, I can now hold a Crow Pose (its not perfect buts its progress ;) ) I just need to work on straightening my arms. And the best thing I've accomplished in my Yoga Journey so far is, I can now do a Headstand!!

Doing a Headstand has been one of my main goals in my Fitness/Yoga Journey, to be able to do a headstand again I'm so happy. Its was only three weeks before when I was so happy that I managed to hold the Tripod Headstand for 1/2 a second ( yes 1/2 a second..Progress is Progress, no matter how small ;) ). I'm still quite shocked I can now do a Headstand.

Here are my attempts at each pose:

For details on each pose, Please see my Instagram Page @donnaukx

( I have also shared a few Videos on my Instagram page, I was going to put them on YouTube so I can share them on here, But the files are not loading :(. Next time I will film them on my new camera instead of my Misters phone. )

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know from the 23rd, I had my first Yoga injury when I attempted the 23rd pose, I then decided to stop with this months challenge mainly because the Yoga poses involved Arm balances :( I'm ok, Just a bit bruised and my head, neck and back, ache really bad. I've learnt it isn't a good idea to practice balance esp. Arm balance poses when you are unwell :(. Because of this injury I had to take a few rest days :(, I wasn't too happy about that, but I think I had concussion so it was needed :/

Anyway, I don't want to focus on that, I have progressed so much in my Yoga/Fitness Journey, I'm looking forward to seeing how much progress I achieve in my flexibility, with Februarys Challenge ~ Lets Get Flexy in 2015

Have you joined any Yoga Challenges? Have you started a Fitness Journey this year? Have you made any progress in your Journeys? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to read them :).

Till next time FitFam

Donna x

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