Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Purple Tulips

1 year ago today I joined the blogging world, and I 'm so happy I did.

I have to admit I never realised how much time and effort goes into a blog post, but I'm loving every minute of it :).

I decided to call my blog Purple Tulips after two of my favourite things. Favourite Colour and Flower :). It took quite a few months for me to decide if I wanted a Name or to leave it with my name.

My 'category' for my blog has changed quite a few times in the past year. At first I was going to write just about my crafting, then it was going to be just my Fitness Journey. Then I decided to join the two, but I also wanted to share and write about other things.

Then I came across Lifestyle Blog. I'm so glad I found this 'category'.
The best thing about having a lifestyle blog is you can write about whatever you damn will want to write about. Everything pretty much goes under Lifestyle.

I still share my craft projects, but, my love of Fitness wins so I decided on Fitness and Lifestyle Blog.

I've had the opportunity to work with a few brands and have had the chance to try new things. I love giving reviews on products. I'm always 100% honest, which I think can be a bad thing because I think most brands don't like that. (Sorry Not Sorry :))

The things I've noticed about myself since starting my blog is, I never go anywhere without my camera anymore. I really enjoyed photography before. Now I love it! I'm always taking pictures and I love the creative side, always looking for a way of 'showcasing' a product. 
I really need to invest in more memory cards.

I always have a notebook / Diary with me, Just in case I have any ideas for posts.

I now have a collection of candles, Yes, Candles. before (I have mentioned in a few posts, one of them The Me Time Tag ) not a fan of candles. But, after reading so many blogs and family and friends talk so much about them, I jumped on the bandwagon and purchased myself a candle (or two ;) ).

I read so much more, In my blog post Must Read More I wanted to try and read more books, instead I've been reading blog posts. I've found so many other bloggers, I really enjoy reading their posts. When Summer starts I will get back to reading books as well :) .

And I suppose the best thing, Confidence. At first it took a lot for me to type a tweet let alone a blog post (to some that might seem crazy, but that's what Social Anxiety does to you Blog Post ). Now I write what I want, when I want and if people want to read it that's great, if they don't then that's okay. I'm writing this blog for me and if I help, inspire or motivate anyone in the process then that is Awesome.

My blog and I have changed so much in the past year, you never know you might see some fashion posts. Well, we will see on that one ;) never say never. :)

Thank you to everyone who has followed and taken the time to read my blog. Here's to another year

Donna x

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