Monday, 9 March 2015

Lets Get Flexy In 2015 ~ Yoga Challenge

February was all about Flexibility. My Flexibility is improving...Slowly!!! but, It was good noticing the little improvements in this months poses.

Here are my attempts at each pose:
(Day 4 is the Video, and Day 18 is missing because I didn't attempt that pose. Day 27 is the Headstand :).)

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The main thing I noticed this month was my 'Damn Hamstrings!' If you follow me on Instagram, you will know. They are still really tight.
I need to 'regroup' and focus on my Hamstrings. It seems to be that muscle that is holding me back in a lot of poses. I'm going to be adding a few extra stretches / exercises into my workout routines, that mainly focus on that muscle and see how they go. I know some things take time and I know not to rush, I really don't want to pull a hamstring. It would be nice not to write 'Damn Hamstrings!' on my Instagram page ;).

The best thing I've noticed is my Headstand is improving! Yay!!! look how straight its looking :) there is 5 weeks in between these two pictures ~ So happy :). #ProgressNotPerfection

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This months challenge is ~ Journey To Handstand.

I've got a feeling I will be doing a lot of the beginners options/variations this month. I'm really not confident enough to do a Handstand yet.
Who's going to join in with me? Can you do a Handstand? How's your Fitness/Yoga Journey going? Leave me a comment, I would love to know.
Donna x
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