Monday, 27 April 2015

Cut out Complaining Challenge

I found this Challenge from Karin who runs the blog Embrace Happy .

The past few years I've been trying to live a more positive life, I make a conscious effort to try and stop a negative thought escalating, sometimes its a lot harder than it sounds, But, by doing this, I'm really proud of myself at how quickly I can now let things go. Occasionally,  I like to find ways of challenging myself to see how well I'm doing. I came across Karins blog post Cut out Complaining from her 40 Embrace Happy Acts.
The challenge is can YOU go a whole day without Complaining?   

And it really got me thinking, 'Do I complain?' 'How much do I Complain?' 'What do I complain about?'

And I agree with Karin it is a lot harder than it looks.

I'm not saying Don't Complain ever again, I know sometimes we have to make a complaint about something, those complaints normally (or should) help to improve/fix things. I'm talking about complaints (we all make) about things we think we don't have no control over, but really we do.

On the day I decided to cut out complaining. The first thing I did was Complain!! (shakes head). I couldn't believe it! what makes it worse was, it was not even an hour from waking up!. But (here's the positive) I quickly became aware I was complaining and I tried to think of away to change the circumstance.  The rest of the day I didn't complain about a single thing ~ quite proud of oneself ;)

We all do it. whether its complaining about daily chores or how someone treated us. So I decided to really challenge myself with this and I really wanted to keep it in my subconscious to complain less so I've decided to do this challenge for one month. 

I took quite a few notes on what I do and what I need to stop doing. I noticed there were a lot of things that kept making me complain (or just what I like to call ~ wind me up!) so I've decided to from now on:
  • Stop watching the News ~ too much focus on the negative
  • Stop reading Newspapers ~ again too much focus on the negative (plus I find out most things if not all on Twitter.)
  • If someone does need to rant (complain) let them, just be a good listener and try and help them. DON'T get dragged in and start complaining yourself.
  • Do a bit of research first, before complaining. You might not have the whole story!
  • Do more of what makes YOU happy.
  • Don't let other peoples opinion get to you.
  • See the good in things, if you can't, Change it.

Doing this challenge really made me aware that Yes I do complain, but, not much anymore and how it does effect your mood (mind set) and sometimes how it can effect the rest of your day. But the best thing is, there are ways to change it.

So, can YOU go a whole day without complaining?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Donna x

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nature's Path Organic Gluten Free ~ Review

I recently won a bag of Nice & Nobbly Pumpkin, Almond Raisin Granola from Nature's Path. and they kindly asked me if I would like to try some more of their goodies, I obviously said I would love too. I have mentioned on here before in my Bowl Food post, I love their O's cereal. Since I've become Dairy Intolerant, I kinda stopped looking at other things to try and just stuck with getting the O's cereal.

After I mentioned I'm also Dairy intolerant, I assumed I wouldn't get sent anything. I know most companies have to be careful, and I think everything is normally labelled 'May Contain'. Which is down to the individual if they want to try the product. Me personally, I try the product if its labelled May Contain :). To my surprise I got sent some Porridge and Granola Bars to try. (note: everything is suitable for Vegetarians :) ).
First thing I will say, even though I eat healthy. I have never tried Granola before and I'm quite hesitant in trying new foods.
Instead of diving straight into the bag, I tried a Granola Bar

Before, when I could eat Gluten I used to eat another brand of cereal bar and it had to be the chocolate flavour. Since then I've tried other 'Natural' bars and I haven't liked them. This bar however is my new favourite snack :).  They are really tasty and I was surprised by the chewy texture. It doesn't taste like you are eating something healthy.

Nature's Path say The Trail Mix is 'An irresistible huddle of tangy cranberries, sweet almonds and crunchy peanuts mingled with pumpkin seeds, dried coconut, flax seeds and gluten free oats.'  I say that = Yummy! :)

(I kept forgetting to take a better picture of the Granola Bar :/ I know ~ Bad Blogger ;) )

I have never been a fan of Porridge so when I became intolerant, I've never thought of trying the Gluten Free version.

Sadly, for me, I'm still not a fan. It tastes like how I remember Porridge (I'm guessing that's a good thing if you like porridge :)). I wouldn't say its horrible, It tasted great with a banana :).

I would eat it again, But I would make sure I have a banana with it.
If they are on offer I might pick up a box but I think I will stick with the cereal for breakfast.

I used Hot water with mine.

The Granola pack (which I won) was the last thing I tried. I hadn't a clue what to eat it with. Everyone kept saying Granola goes great with milk or yogurt (forgetting I don't eat that, also I'm not a fan of soya milk and yogurts). So I've just been eating it (more like picking at it) from the bag.

My Mr. has been adding some Granola to a yoghurt, So I know it must go well :).

I got sent the Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds & Raisins with a light dash of Cinnamon bag. I was really surprised I found it really tasty.

I then tried it with a banana :)

This gets a thumbs up from me :).

Overall I liked everything I tried and I will be purchasing more Granola bars.

Thank you Nature's Path for giving me the opportunity to try out these products. esp. because I probably wouldn't have tried them. But, its given me the push to try other cereals in the brand.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you notice a difference between Gluten and Gluten Free? Let me know in the comments below :)

Till next time

Donna x

Thursday, 16 April 2015


I think I was more excited about opening this box then the Dogs.  I won a Pawsome Box in February, I received it in March and I made everyone wait till I was visiting my parents again this week :). The suspense was high ;) .

I'm so pleased with what I got, sorry, what the Dogs got :). I wanted to share it with you :).

The people at Pawsome Box asked for the details of my Dog so the box will be suited for them.

(I have two dogs, but they are the same age and breed)

Luckily everything in the box they can share :) 

Woody with the Pawsome Box
Jessie having a look

Contents of the Pawsome Box

The first thing they tried was the Fresh Breath Rolls (There was originally 4 in this pack) It also was the first thing they have finished ;).

A Bag Dispenser which attaches to their leads, which also came with (big) bags.

Ear Care ~ We haven't tried this yet, Hopefully it will be good. Woody sometimes has trouble with his ears.
A rope toy
And a squeaky Frog toy
They are very happy with their new toys :)
Jessie stole the toys ;)

Please throw the toy :)

I'm really pleased with our Pawsome box :) If you would like to find out how to get your own Box, they even do a box for Cats called Purrfect box :). Check out their website Pawsome Box

I now have two very tired pups :)

Till next time

Donna x

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How much did you Walk today?

I came across this on Instagram the other day and it made me laugh!
1. I am a Geek and 2. Its the little things ;) . But, it also got me thinking. How much did I walk?

The Answer: No way near enough! I'm still in Hobbiton  ;)

Walking is one of the best exercises, with a good posture and with a bit of a pace, you get a good workout. (I have tested this out with walking the dogs and wearing my Polar Watch blog post )

Apart from my workout routines, I don't really walk a lot anymore. I work from home and most days I don't leave the house. (I don't live with the dogs :( in case you were wondering).

The NHS and everywhere else I have looked say. We all should aim for 10,000 steps a day! That sounds A LOT to me.

So I put on my 'trusted' (I have no idea how accurate) pedometer and I wore it for a week to see how much I walked.

This Pedometer I purchased years ago and it came with a game for my Nintendo DS (Like I've said Fitness and Games = Awesome! :) Morning routine post )

I didn't wear the pedometer all day (I didn't wear it while I was working out, or as soon as I got up). So I'm not sure exactly how many steps I did overall (also not sure how accurate pedometers are.)

I averaged about 2-3000 on a bad day. 3-4000 on what I call a good day. The day after leg day I'm surprised I reached 2000 ;). I'm sure most of these steps are walking to and from the bathroom ;)

'Drink all your water = Pee all the time' lol

Doing this really got me noticing I should move more. Its not fun sitting most of the day at a Lap top or hunched over crocheting (yes I'm working on my posture when I'm crocheting :). It can get really bad! ). Before you know it you've spent hours just sitting there.

Honestly though with these results I'm not surprised I didn't reach even half of the 10,000 steps but I'm surprised I'm in the average bracket. I would still like to move more, but I'm not worried because I do exercise/workout daily.

To try and improve my steps / make myself move more, I've pretty much just kept things away from me.  Like the phone and while I'm doing my crochet I keep the Scissors a 'walking distance' from me.
Now the warmer months are here and its lighter in the evenings, It will be nice to go out for a walk or a jog? okay, I might be pushing it a bit there, I think I will just stick with the walking for now :).

So.. On a scale of One to Lord of the Rings. How much did you walk today?

Donna x

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Monday, 6 April 2015

Journey To HandStand ~ Yoga Challenge

This months challenge, If you follow me on Instagram you would've noticed I didn't complete this challenge. The first half of it, I felt defeated then.. I was!. I struggled with most of these poses, even the beginners options. Because I still can't do a Handstand. Okay, in most of the poses its more like I haven't got the confidence to attempt a Handstand. I was kind of hoping this months challenge also included poses for people who couldn't do a handstand.

Here are the poses I did attempt:

Even though I didn't complete this Challenge, I've still had a good month. I'm focusing still on my hamstrings, making sure I'm stretching everyday and I've been noticing huge improvements esp. with next months (April) yoga challenge (you can see them on my Instagram page :) ).

And I've started a new Legs and Butt workout routine. I'm doing Carly Rowena routine she shared on YouTube

OMG This is an AWESOME workout! I couldn't complete all the workout, So I have something to work on. You should check it out. I will say, I couldn't walk for 2-3 days afterwards, so make sure your diary isn't full after you've done this workout ;).
I'm going to be sticking with this routine for Legs Day for a while :)

Aprils Yoga Challenge is
This months poses will be focusing on detoxing by highlighting postures that will help you eliminate toxins, cleanse, & renew the body.

Who else is joining in? Its not to late start :)

Till next time

Donna x

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