Monday, 27 April 2015

Cut out Complaining Challenge

I found this Challenge from Karin who runs the blog Embrace Happy .

The past few years I've been trying to live a more positive life, I make a conscious effort to try and stop a negative thought escalating, sometimes its a lot harder than it sounds, But, by doing this, I'm really proud of myself at how quickly I can now let things go. Occasionally,  I like to find ways of challenging myself to see how well I'm doing. I came across Karins blog post Cut out Complaining from her 40 Embrace Happy Acts.
The challenge is can YOU go a whole day without Complaining?   

And it really got me thinking, 'Do I complain?' 'How much do I Complain?' 'What do I complain about?'

And I agree with Karin it is a lot harder than it looks.

I'm not saying Don't Complain ever again, I know sometimes we have to make a complaint about something, those complaints normally (or should) help to improve/fix things. I'm talking about complaints (we all make) about things we think we don't have no control over, but really we do.

On the day I decided to cut out complaining. The first thing I did was Complain!! (shakes head). I couldn't believe it! what makes it worse was, it was not even an hour from waking up!. But (here's the positive) I quickly became aware I was complaining and I tried to think of away to change the circumstance.  The rest of the day I didn't complain about a single thing ~ quite proud of oneself ;)

We all do it. whether its complaining about daily chores or how someone treated us. So I decided to really challenge myself with this and I really wanted to keep it in my subconscious to complain less so I've decided to do this challenge for one month. 

I took quite a few notes on what I do and what I need to stop doing. I noticed there were a lot of things that kept making me complain (or just what I like to call ~ wind me up!) so I've decided to from now on:
  • Stop watching the News ~ too much focus on the negative
  • Stop reading Newspapers ~ again too much focus on the negative (plus I find out most things if not all on Twitter.)
  • If someone does need to rant (complain) let them, just be a good listener and try and help them. DON'T get dragged in and start complaining yourself.
  • Do a bit of research first, before complaining. You might not have the whole story!
  • Do more of what makes YOU happy.
  • Don't let other peoples opinion get to you.
  • See the good in things, if you can't, Change it.

Doing this challenge really made me aware that Yes I do complain, but, not much anymore and how it does effect your mood (mind set) and sometimes how it can effect the rest of your day. But the best thing is, there are ways to change it.

So, can YOU go a whole day without complaining?

Let me know in the comments below :)

Donna x

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