Tuesday, 14 April 2015

How much did you Walk today?

I came across this on Instagram the other day and it made me laugh!
1. I am a Geek and 2. Its the little things ;) . But, it also got me thinking. How much did I walk?

The Answer: No way near enough! I'm still in Hobbiton  ;)

Walking is one of the best exercises, with a good posture and with a bit of a pace, you get a good workout. (I have tested this out with walking the dogs and wearing my Polar Watch blog post )

Apart from my workout routines, I don't really walk a lot anymore. I work from home and most days I don't leave the house. (I don't live with the dogs :( in case you were wondering).

The NHS and everywhere else I have looked say. We all should aim for 10,000 steps a day! That sounds A LOT to me.

So I put on my 'trusted' (I have no idea how accurate) pedometer and I wore it for a week to see how much I walked.

This Pedometer I purchased years ago and it came with a game for my Nintendo DS (Like I've said Fitness and Games = Awesome! :) Morning routine post )

I didn't wear the pedometer all day (I didn't wear it while I was working out, or as soon as I got up). So I'm not sure exactly how many steps I did overall (also not sure how accurate pedometers are.)

I averaged about 2-3000 on a bad day. 3-4000 on what I call a good day. The day after leg day I'm surprised I reached 2000 ;). I'm sure most of these steps are walking to and from the bathroom ;)

'Drink all your water = Pee all the time' lol

Doing this really got me noticing I should move more. Its not fun sitting most of the day at a Lap top or hunched over crocheting (yes I'm working on my posture when I'm crocheting :). It can get really bad! ). Before you know it you've spent hours just sitting there.

Honestly though with these results I'm not surprised I didn't reach even half of the 10,000 steps but I'm surprised I'm in the average bracket. I would still like to move more, but I'm not worried because I do exercise/workout daily.

To try and improve my steps / make myself move more, I've pretty much just kept things away from me.  Like the phone and while I'm doing my crochet I keep the Scissors a 'walking distance' from me.
Now the warmer months are here and its lighter in the evenings, It will be nice to go out for a walk or a jog? okay, I might be pushing it a bit there, I think I will just stick with the walking for now :).

So.. On a scale of One to Lord of the Rings. How much did you walk today?

Donna x

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