Monday, 6 April 2015

Journey To HandStand ~ Yoga Challenge

This months challenge, If you follow me on Instagram you would've noticed I didn't complete this challenge. The first half of it, I felt defeated then.. I was!. I struggled with most of these poses, even the beginners options. Because I still can't do a Handstand. Okay, in most of the poses its more like I haven't got the confidence to attempt a Handstand. I was kind of hoping this months challenge also included poses for people who couldn't do a handstand.

Here are the poses I did attempt:

Even though I didn't complete this Challenge, I've still had a good month. I'm focusing still on my hamstrings, making sure I'm stretching everyday and I've been noticing huge improvements esp. with next months (April) yoga challenge (you can see them on my Instagram page :) ).

And I've started a new Legs and Butt workout routine. I'm doing Carly Rowena routine she shared on YouTube

OMG This is an AWESOME workout! I couldn't complete all the workout, So I have something to work on. You should check it out. I will say, I couldn't walk for 2-3 days afterwards, so make sure your diary isn't full after you've done this workout ;).
I'm going to be sticking with this routine for Legs Day for a while :)

Aprils Yoga Challenge is
This months poses will be focusing on detoxing by highlighting postures that will help you eliminate toxins, cleanse, & renew the body.

Who else is joining in? Its not to late start :)

Till next time

Donna x

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