Thursday, 23 April 2015

Nature's Path Organic Gluten Free ~ Review

I recently won a bag of Nice & Nobbly Pumpkin, Almond Raisin Granola from Nature's Path. and they kindly asked me if I would like to try some more of their goodies, I obviously said I would love too. I have mentioned on here before in my Bowl Food post, I love their O's cereal. Since I've become Dairy Intolerant, I kinda stopped looking at other things to try and just stuck with getting the O's cereal.

After I mentioned I'm also Dairy intolerant, I assumed I wouldn't get sent anything. I know most companies have to be careful, and I think everything is normally labelled 'May Contain'. Which is down to the individual if they want to try the product. Me personally, I try the product if its labelled May Contain :). To my surprise I got sent some Porridge and Granola Bars to try. (note: everything is suitable for Vegetarians :) ).
First thing I will say, even though I eat healthy. I have never tried Granola before and I'm quite hesitant in trying new foods.
Instead of diving straight into the bag, I tried a Granola Bar

Before, when I could eat Gluten I used to eat another brand of cereal bar and it had to be the chocolate flavour. Since then I've tried other 'Natural' bars and I haven't liked them. This bar however is my new favourite snack :).  They are really tasty and I was surprised by the chewy texture. It doesn't taste like you are eating something healthy.

Nature's Path say The Trail Mix is 'An irresistible huddle of tangy cranberries, sweet almonds and crunchy peanuts mingled with pumpkin seeds, dried coconut, flax seeds and gluten free oats.'  I say that = Yummy! :)

(I kept forgetting to take a better picture of the Granola Bar :/ I know ~ Bad Blogger ;) )

I have never been a fan of Porridge so when I became intolerant, I've never thought of trying the Gluten Free version.

Sadly, for me, I'm still not a fan. It tastes like how I remember Porridge (I'm guessing that's a good thing if you like porridge :)). I wouldn't say its horrible, It tasted great with a banana :).

I would eat it again, But I would make sure I have a banana with it.
If they are on offer I might pick up a box but I think I will stick with the cereal for breakfast.

I used Hot water with mine.

The Granola pack (which I won) was the last thing I tried. I hadn't a clue what to eat it with. Everyone kept saying Granola goes great with milk or yogurt (forgetting I don't eat that, also I'm not a fan of soya milk and yogurts). So I've just been eating it (more like picking at it) from the bag.

My Mr. has been adding some Granola to a yoghurt, So I know it must go well :).

I got sent the Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds & Raisins with a light dash of Cinnamon bag. I was really surprised I found it really tasty.

I then tried it with a banana :)

This gets a thumbs up from me :).

Overall I liked everything I tried and I will be purchasing more Granola bars.

Thank you Nature's Path for giving me the opportunity to try out these products. esp. because I probably wouldn't have tried them. But, its given me the push to try other cereals in the brand.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you notice a difference between Gluten and Gluten Free? Let me know in the comments below :)

Till next time

Donna x

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