Thursday, 16 April 2015


I think I was more excited about opening this box then the Dogs.  I won a Pawsome Box in February, I received it in March and I made everyone wait till I was visiting my parents again this week :). The suspense was high ;) .

I'm so pleased with what I got, sorry, what the Dogs got :). I wanted to share it with you :).

The people at Pawsome Box asked for the details of my Dog so the box will be suited for them.

(I have two dogs, but they are the same age and breed)

Luckily everything in the box they can share :) 

Woody with the Pawsome Box
Jessie having a look

Contents of the Pawsome Box

The first thing they tried was the Fresh Breath Rolls (There was originally 4 in this pack) It also was the first thing they have finished ;).

A Bag Dispenser which attaches to their leads, which also came with (big) bags.

Ear Care ~ We haven't tried this yet, Hopefully it will be good. Woody sometimes has trouble with his ears.
A rope toy
And a squeaky Frog toy
They are very happy with their new toys :)
Jessie stole the toys ;)

Please throw the toy :)

I'm really pleased with our Pawsome box :) If you would like to find out how to get your own Box, they even do a box for Cats called Purrfect box :). Check out their website Pawsome Box

I now have two very tired pups :)

Till next time

Donna x

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