Monday, 11 May 2015

DetoxYoBody ~ Yoga Challenge ~ Fitness Diary

I loved this months challenge, I think its because I'm very familiar with these poses and its great seeing how much I've progressed. Which is Awesome!! This quickly reminded me how much I Loooovvvveeee yoga. Esp. after March challenge (Blog Post) didn't go well.

Here are my attempts at each pose:

Again, with a few of these poses I did the beginners option. Beach Yoga Girl created a new account on Instagram called new2yoga which gives us an 'easier' option for each pose.
I also don't have a picture for Days 21,22 and 23 because I couldn't do them.

Halfway through April, I decided to join My Fitness Pal I've seen it mentioned a lot on Instagram. I need something to help me keep track of what I eat and what exercise I do, because I've noticed I've plateaued again. Even though I'm progressing in my fitness/Yoga, I'm not noticing any differences in my body.

To my surprise, I'm back to not eating enough!!! nearly everyday the warning pops up with your not eating enough :(. And that's before I add my workouts.
Hopefully now I've found the right balance and we will see what happens.

With my other workouts, I've made the best decision and moved Leg Day to a Tuesday. I can't move for (at least) 2 days after, since I've changed my routine to Carlys (Blog Post) and I was getting a little fed up of my weekends being ruined because I couldn't walk. Why I didn't do it sooner I have no idea!! #FitGirlProblems

Also this month I've treated myself to a USA Pro outfit ~ Thought it was about time I added some colour to my workouts.

Mays Yoga challenge is May I Begin Yoga 2015

I like these poses :)

How is your fitness journey going?

Donna x


  1. I love your pink outfit, its so awesome!
    I posted about the beginning of my fitness journey here:
    Glad your fitness journey is going well, Leg Day is always a killer :) x

    1. Thank you Katrina :) my legs are killing today #NoPainNoGain ;) Good Luck with your Fitness Journey :) x