Tuesday, 16 June 2015

CARDIO!! Month 1 ~ Fitness Diary

Hands up, who loves cardio? Nope my hand did not go up!

I've been putting off adding cardio into my routine for a long time, I've done the occasional workout here and there but it has not stayed in my weekly routines. I've mentioned in a previous post that I plateaued again. I was sorting out my 'diet' meaning I'm getting my calorie intake in. But deep down I knew I needed to add Cardio into my routine.

Its funny the last benefit says about anxiety! This might sound silly to some, but the reason I stopped doing Cardio / HIIT was because the feeling I got when I finish those workouts, is the same feeling as an Anxiety/Panic Attack and I had, had enough of them (in case you are unaware Shortness of breath, feel like jelly, dizziness to name a few). So I stopped doing cardio :( (Mental Health post)

What got me back into doing cardio was this reply I got from Terry

Terry had tweeted, he lost a certain amount fat in a small amount of time. I pretty much asked for help. I knew he would mention Cardio, But, I didn't realise that much!!. Don't know what happened, but it gave me the kick to do cardio. Thank you Terry :).

The first few weeks, I started with The Lateral thigh trainer for 15 mins (nearly) everyday and I got the Football out and started with playing Keepy Uppy with my Mr. once/twice a week. Just to ease myself back into cardio.

Then I increased by going on the exercise bike for 45mins or 1 hour every day. Along with my normal routine.

Its been a month since I've added Cardio back and my results.

I'm definitely in the right head space, I love the feeling after a cardio workout :)

My fitness has improved so much, I'm running up the stairs and I don't feel out of breath, even did a little jog and I felt great.

My clothes are feeling a little loose. ( I forgot to take measurements :( )

But.. my weight has increased!

I'm not to bothered about the weight, mainly because my clothes are feeling loose. I'm honestly hoping my body is just adjusting to everything then the last bit of Fat will go.

Oh, and one more thing

I now LOVE cardio :) ( weird I know ;) hehe )

We will see if I'm saying the same thing next month

Till next time

Donna x


  1. Hi, Donna! You could check FitnessRum.com - the girl is Bulgarian but trains in English and is very good! I used to do her workouts but unfortunately I barely have time for this now. Her exercises are very effective :)

    Purely Me by Denina Martin

    1. Thank you Denina, I've just had a look, I will definitely try her HIIT workouts, they look tough. :) Might start with the 20 min ones first ;) I will let you know how I get on :)