Thursday, 3 September 2015

August Fitness Diary - Planks

There wasn't the usual Yoga Challenge this month. There were a few little challenges.

I joined in with two of them. The first challenge was Planks Around The World

Here are my attempts at each plank:


Day 3 I was so surprised at how difficult it was, I struggled keeping my balance. Day 4 I was okay with my balance, but, I couldn't straighten my leg :( . The rest of them I'm really pleased with my progress.

I really enjoyed this mini challenge. It took me back to when I first started my fitness journey, I couldn't hold a plank for 10 seconds!! and I really disliked doing them. Now I can hold a plank for at least 1 minute, there still not my favourite but I like that I'm feeling stronger :).

The rest of the month I focused on improving them. I had been doing Planks in my routine once, sometimes twice a week. This month I made sure I did at least one plank a day and hold it for at least 1 minute, my aim (at the moment) is to reach 2 minutes.
The second Challenge was Dog Days of Summer.

Dogs and Yoga... You know this is a challenge for me :)

Here are my attempts at each pose:


Hopefully one of these days I will make the Camatkarasana / Wild Thing pose (day 5) look more graceful :) and I still haven't got the confidence to do a handstand :(.

I enjoyed doing these little challenges but I missed the monthly ones, only because I like to know what the poses are going to be :). If you haven't seen my previous post A Year of Yoga Challenges. This month marked 1 year of doing these challenges!!! Its gone so quick. Next months Challenge is Basic Yoga Mix

I'm going to be comparing a lot of, if not all of these poses to when I first attempted them with these challenges. I am hoping for a few progress pics :).

This month I've learnt consistency really is the key when it comes to fitness :)

How's your fitness journey going?

Till next time

Donna x

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