Friday, 2 October 2015

September Fitness Diary + Workout Clothes

This months poses are a mixture of Beach Yoga Girl and Kino Yoga most favourite and most asked about Yoga Poses.

Here are my attempts at each pose:

This month they put in a pose that isn't a Yoga pose, Day 11 the Pistol Squat. This pose is great for balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. I am (still) surprised I managed to do this pose. I attempted this so many times and I nearly gave up! My patience was wearing really thin, there's only so many times you can fall over, but I was determined to do it, and I did :).

This month I took a (unplanned) whole week off of working out, even my yoga practice!!. Days 13-20 I didn't do on the day. Honestly, I didn't even realise it had been a week, which I'm shocked about. But, I did start to feel a bit guilty when I realised it had been that long.
May be my body needed it? I don't know. I had to stop beating myself up about feeling guilty. It was only a week.

I'm happy to say I got back on track.

I have slightly changed my cardio workouts, instead of doing an hour everyday on the bike, I've been adding HIIT into my workouts.

I've also added more body weight strength training into my routine. I'm trying to build strength in my arms and shoulders. I'm determined to do a handstand or at least a forearm stand. So that means I've been doing a lot of planks :) (I will do a blog post soon of the workouts I've been doing (if they work)).

You might have noticed in my pictures, New Workout clothes!! :).

All are USA Pro . I love the Acid Rose set. I have a nice little collection now of USA Pro outfits. They are so comfortable and pretty. I have my eyes on these two. They will be out in Nov/Dec (Christmas!! Hint, Hint ;) )

So Pretty!!

How's your Fitness Journey going? Do you own any USA Pro items? What's your favourite workout clothes?

Till next time

Donna x

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