Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Headstands ~ Yoga Journey ~ Video (Blogmas Day 2)

If you saw my last blog post October Fitness Diary. You will know I finally attempt the Headstand :) Yay!! :).

I've done a little video of my Headstand practice.

Whenever I search on Instagram through a Yoga related hashtag. You can guarantee there will be people doing a variation of a Headstand, Forearm Stand and/or Handstands. So, I was curious to know what the benefits are..and well I'm surprised.

Especially by how many Muscles you use

When I first attempted. My arms were aching so bad!! and now I know why! I thought you just used your Abs?!.

The other benefits I've found are:
I also found that some yogis say it can help get rid of grey hair?? ...I'm Not sure on that one? but, let me know if it is true :).

I agree with, it helps with Anxiety.

I'm first to admit the feeling is awesome when all your focus is just on holding the balance.

But. There are some Risks :

Please be careful if you feel your body can't hold your weight. You can cause a spin or neck injury.

If you have High blood pressure you shouldn't do headstands. Headstands increase your blood pressure.

Even though they are good for your eyes. Please avoid if you have weak eye blood vessels or any eye problems.

And Ladies avoid during menstruation and pregnancy.

My advice if you haven't done a Headstand. Listen to your body and take your time. It took me a year to finally feel confident and strong enough to even attempt a Headstand.

"Practice and all is coming" ~ Pattabhi Jois
Till next time

Donna x

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