Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Christmas Tree ~ Blogmas Day 3

One of my favourite things about Christmas, is decorating our Tree. I love it! Its a miss mash of ornaments. Every year since I've had my own tree, I would purchase a little set of ornaments, I would always start in the Disney store and pretty much finish in the Disney Store, what can I say..I'm a fan of Disney :). Which explains why I have A LOT of Winnie the pooh Christmas things :). With the rest of my ornaments, Some are meaning full and some well...they are Purple and pretty :). Now I just get 1 new ornament a year, because my Christmas box is getting really full.

I couldn't decide if I wanted An Angel or a Star on top of my Tree. So I got both :)

Only one year I have ever done a Colour themed tree, Purple and Silver, and I didn't like it. I missed my miss mash tree. Honestly, I only did the colour themed because I fell to peer pressure!!! Everywhere I looked people were posting pictures of there Trees. Nearly all are colour themed! Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful. But its not for me :).

My first Christmas Bauble :)


Do you love decorating your tree?

Donna x

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