Monday, 7 December 2015

November Fitness Diary ~ CORE of Gratitude Yoga Challenge (Blogmas Day 7)

This month I did something that I wouldn't normally do..Something way out of my comfort zone. I did some Yoga poses OUTSIDE!! Yep, outside in front of other, not giving two hoots :). might sound a bit silly to some. But this is a big deal for me :).  

I'm definitely no where near confident enough like Kino and Kerri. To do all the yoga poses I know, outside. But doing my favourite go to poses is a start. You should check out Kino (KinoYoga )and Kerris (BeachYogaGirl ) Instagrams. Their yoga videos are awesome.

I did start to feel a bit defeated in this months Yoga Challenge. I noticed I had to do a lot of New2Yoga beginners options. I had to keep reminding myself, its all about the Journey. I have progressed so much and I think the most important thing ~ At least I'm doing it. I'm giving it a go :). I remembered not so long a go. When a Yoga pose came up and I couldn't do it. I wouldn't bother trying other options and well, give up. And I noticed Last Novembers Challenge I gave the poses a go, but didn't bother posting the pictures. Must be something with this time of year :)..I will stay positive :)

I managed again to post daily :) Whoop Whoop ;). 2nd month in a row, I think I might have gotten myself into a little routine :). 

Here are my attempts at each pose: For more details on each picture, please check out my Instagram page @donnaukx.

Also A little video again.

Trying to do my Yoga practice with Woody was so much fun :).

I have some progress with the Tripod Headstand. I had nothing behind me and I was outside! I was feeling VERY brave that morning ;)

The last week of the month I got in a lot of Headstand practice, I'm still working on straightening them legs!

I didn't really do anything new or different this month. Just mainly focusing on my Yoga. Which I'm going to carry on with next month.

December I will be doing at least 3 Challenges :) They are only small ones but, I'm determined to finish this year off Strong :).

How's your Fitness Journey going?

Donna x

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