Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pea Soup ~ Recipe ~ Blogmas Day 5

Soup, is one of my favourite winter comfort meals. Last winter I started to make my own. I never realised how quick and easy soups are to make.

My pea soup only has 4 Ingredients and takes less than 30 mins (time depends on preparing and cooker times). Serves 2

Whenever I cook from scratch, I (most of the time) never go by measurements, I go by taste or guess :).

This recipe is a bit of both.

You need to have the same measurements of Peas to Stock cube.

500G of Frozen Peas

500 ML Vegetable Stock Cube

I use these stock cubes all the time, They are Low in Salt , Gluten and Lactose Free, Vegan and even though they contain Palm Oil, it is Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. :)

(This is where the guess work comes in ;) )

I use a Handful of Frozen Onions (I'm not a fan of a strong flavours, Plus I like to eat my soup with a side of GF onion rings)

And a small Potato (For thickness) peel and chop

Put all the Ingredients in to a pot

On a high heat, Bring to boil and Cook for 15mins

Then blend till smooth. And you are done.

Easy Peasy :)

Do you make your own Soups? What's your favourite Soup?

Donna x

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