Friday, 18 December 2015

USA Pro Fitness Oufit ~ Blogmas Day 18

I thought it was about time I did an outfit post on my little blog. 
My first outfit post is obviously going to be fitness related, and it's my favourite from USA Pro.

I purchased this set in April this year (2015). I'm sorry I can't share a link for this, because its no longer available. (I think most of) USA Pro clothes are Limited Edition. Once they're gone, they're gone. My advice, if you really like one of their outfits, GET IT! I'm so happy I got this one when I did.

It's sooooo pretty :)

Their outfits are great for the gym and yoga. They are so comfortable, true to size, supportive, very detailed and colourful.

Out of all the sports bras I own, USA Pro are the best. They have padded cups for comfort and support.

The leggings. These are three quarter length and have an elasticated waistband. They also have a little zipped pocket.

This was the second outfit I purchased from USA Pro. I now have 4. So far this is my favourite one. But, I've seen their latest collection and there are a few I'm keeping my eye on :).

Do you own any USA Pro items? What's your favourite set?

Donna x

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