Friday, 5 February 2016

January 2016 Fitness Diary

Well... The first month of 2016 has flown bye already, hasn't it?!?!. I can honestly say that I started off great. But, sadly 9 days in, it went downhill. :(. I sort of have a good excuse though. I got sick :(. I didn't move for at least a week and I lost my appetite :(.  I kinda gotten out of my workout routine up until the last few days in January, but, I've been really busy and moving a lot. So I'm not too worried.

Overall in January I participated in 6 Yoga challenges.

Obviously, I didn't do any poses the week I was sick. But I did also miss the occasional pose.  

I think from now on, or for at least the time being, I'm going to join in with the challenges, but if a certain days pose is to difficult, I'm not going to share it. (mainly arm balances). Because I get so frustrated that I can't get a 'decent' enough picture to post for them. And I start to feel like I'm not enjoying the challenges anymore. My goal is to still do, or at least attempt the challenges. I'm enjoying seeing my progress. I'm just not focusing on posting/sharing every picture. I'm not interested in participating for the chance to win prizes anymore. I'm just in them to make progress with my yoga practice.
Not sure if I'm making any sense. :/ .

Plus, not sure if anyone has noticed with some of these challenges on Instagram, the amount of people and/or Sponsors you have to follow just to participate! its getting ridiculous.

I'm quite pleased with myself with the 'GrowWithTheFlow' challenge. I've never done a challenge like this before. I really enjoyed it. Again, I only posted 6 videos. This is because the ones I missed just looked a mess! There was no flowing :/ even with attempting the beginners option.

I did also start Blogilates 30 day Waist Trainer Challenge.
But, didn't finish :(. Missing 1 or 2 days in these type of challenges are okay (IMO) because they are easy to catch up with but missing nearly 2 weeks, I gave up on it. BUT, I will start this and complete this in February.
So I didn't start this year of great with my fitness. I'm not going to let it get me down. We all have set backs. The only way is up :).
My plan of action for February is to get back into my routine and complete the Waist Trainer Challenge.
 How's your fitness journey going? What are your goals for February?

Donna x

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