Monday, 1 February 2016

My Journey towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle

In my first post for 2016 (here) I shared one of my goals for this year and that is to be less wasteful. One of the less wasteful problems I'm focusing on, is Rubbish. I've always been conscious of what I purchase, and I try my best to recycle what I can. If you know me, you will already know, one of my mottos is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
But after spending a few hours (okay, more like nearly a day :/) watching videos of Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson (and many others) on youtube about living a zero waste lifestyle, I've become so inspired and motivated to live an even more 'less wasteful' lifestyle.

Wouldn't it be awesome if we didn't send any of our waste to landfill

I would love to say a Zero waste lifestyle. That would be my ultimate goal. Wouldn't it be awesome if we didn't send any of our waste to landfill ! .
Did you notice, esp. at Christmas, everything purchased had packaging, and most items probably  had multiple packaging!! The sad thing is most of it is plastic and CAN NOT be recycled. Which sadly means it ends up in landfill, and if not disposed of correctly, our Oceans.

I really want to try and do my bit and become less wasteful. After doing a little bit of research, the UK doesn't seem to have many, if Any places where you can Bulk shop, and have yet to find anywhere that doesn't use any plastic. So I'm not going to throw myself into the deep end. I'm going to start off small, and day by day, try and reduce my waste the best I can.

But to start living a less wasteful lifestyle, I need to know what I have.

So I have been going through my home, and have had a really good clean and a sort out of things.

Because of this, so far this year I've already thrown away a carrier bag full of rubbish that couldn't be reused, recycled or composted, and only 1 month has passed :(. This really made me think. Do I really want at least 12 of these bags of MY household rubbish going to landfill this year alone?? (There is only 2 of us!). My Answer, "HELLLL NO".

I've had a good going through of my wardrobe. I managed to fill one bag of clothes I no longer need. Some items went to a Charity shop, and some went to a clothes bank.

I've also gone through all my Kitchen and Bathroom cupboards.

Luckily no food is being binned, even though we have a Food waste bin, wormeries and a compost bin. I still don't like or want to waste food. Meal plans have been made to use up the food that is getting closer to going bad.

After going through everything, I know I don't need to purchase any toiletries for a LONG time, and I definitely don't need any clothes. 

My plan at the moment is to:

  • Stop using single use items. Its surprising that most single use items are plastic! I will not be using cling film anymore, nor plastic sandwich bags.

  • Use up all my toiletries. This may take a while. I have so much.  Only repurchase when items are (nearly) finished, and purchase only Natural, cruelty free, Vegan Products. (In other words.. LUSH ;) ).

  • Not purchase any clothes. My wardrobe is full!!

  • Cut back, and in most cases cut out completely anything that is plastic.

  • Start making my own Cleaning supplies.

  • Purchase Food with recyclable packaging or less packaging. The main goal is No packaging.

  • If I need to purchase anything, make sure its reusable / recyclable. 
When it comes to my Crafting, my plan is to also use up what I have got. Don't print off or purchase anything new. 
Which means I'm going to have to really use my artistic skills. So far this year I've made 3 cards. I will keep you updated on how this goes on my Cards Lately blog posts :).

I'm really hoping I will stick with this. The research I've done so far has made me really motivated to do this. And luckily my Man is also on board with living a less wasteful lifestyle.

I'm going to share my Journey on my blog. I'm not sure when I will be doing updates. But I will definitely be sharing any tips and advice I find a long the way. You can click on my label Live Green for all my blog posts for living a greener life.

If you would like to know more about Zero waste or living less wasteful, check out Laurens Trash Is For Tossers website and Beas Zero Waste Home Website and their YouTube Channels.

This is the video I first watched that got me intrigued to research more into a less wasteful lifestyle

Do you aim for a Zero waste Lifestyle? Who do you recommend to follow for advice about zero waste lifestyle? Please leave in the comments below.

Till next time,

Eat Clean ~ Train Mean ~ Live Green :)

Donna x

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