Sunday, 20 March 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Purple Tulips

WOW! I can't believe my little space on the internet is 2 years old today!! A lot has changed since.

I'm now more confident to share more with you all, what I've always been very passionate about and that's this beautiful planet we live on.

This is My Artwork.. Please credit me if you use this. Thank You

I had mentioned in my About Me page I love Animals and Nature. And, I have on the occasion shared my views on a recent environmental topic/cause. But. Now because I'm aiming to live a Zero Waste Lifestyle, I want to share more of my passion on here. Because I always have been about

Eating Clean, Training Mean and Living Green

Because I will be sharing what I upcycle, I think there will be more Craft related posts. I will be sharing my views on recent environment topics I feel strongly about. And any other tips, advice and anything I find helpful on my journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle I will share on here. If you would like to see my posts about this topic, they are, and will be labelled under 'Live Green' :)

Looking back through my fitness diary posts. My fitness Journey is one of the biggest changes and one I'm most proud of. One of the main reasons for doing this blog was to keep myself motivated and keep a diary of what I do on my Journey. I really enjoy seeing how much I have progressed and when ever I feel like I need a bit of motivation I always look back.

Latest Fitness Journey Update Blog Post Here

One of the biggest shocks was (for me anyway ) I actually did a fashion post!! (Blog Post Here) It might be my only one, especially since I've made the decision of not purchasing any new clothes this year (apart from a few exceptions). We will see :).

I still really enjoy doing this. Like I said I'm writing this blog for me, to keep myself motivated.  But if I do or have inspired anyone to start their journey whether its Fitness or Sustainable living, that is a HUGE bonus.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and taken the time to read my blog. Here's to another year.

Donna x

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