Monday, 21 March 2016

My Earth Hour ~ #EarthHourUK #MyEarthHour

One of my favourite campaigns happened this Saturday. EARTH HOUR. If you follow me on my other Social media accounts, you might have already gotten that impression :).

Every year I have joined in. I am (believe it or not ;) ) the type of person that goes round switching lights off and switches, obviously when they are not needed. Nothing is left on Stand by when I'm around. I sound great to live with don't I !?!  You will thank me when your electricity bill arrives :)

So this campaign is very easy for me to join in with. But I just love seeing people, companies and landmarks, Switch Off for Earth Hour. Just to show they care about this beautiful planet WE live on.

This year during Earth Hour, I again checked on Canary Wharf and got my obligatory picture ;)

Then we was going to Take 3 for the sea. But Sadly ended up being more than 3!

 and when we got back home we lit a candle.

I just wish we all cut back on the lights ALL year round.

I will admit I find the landmark buildings do look pretty when they are lit up like a Christmas tree. But I would be happier. I think we would all be happier and the planet (not sure on the electricity companies!) if they cut back a little bit on the lights or use a sustainable resource to keep them lit up. :)

Because as you can see by my little video and picture. There is a bit of a difference.

Before Picture of Canary Wharf

My video:


Did you join in? What did you do?

Donna x

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