Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My views on Zero Waste Lifestyle

The past 2 months I've been doing A LOT of research into living a Zero waste / minimalist lifestyle, and I've found quite a few really helpful people / social media accounts, who are also aiming to live a zero waste life. The things I've noticed are, it's not easy for everyone and everyone has different ideas what this lifestyle is. I suppose that is the same for everything. You need to do what is right for you and your beliefs/values.

I've also noticed, quite a few people don't like the phrase 'Zero waste'. Why not just stick with calling it a Minimalist or a Simple lifestyle?.
I personally like it.
Even though I don't believe you can live completely zero waste, unless you go off grid. But I think its a great goal to aim for :).

My definition of this lifestyle is to be more conscious. Do (your) my best to send very little or NO trash to landfill and live as Natural as I can.  

My ultimate goal is to: Make (most of) my own products, making all my own products would be excellent, but I'm being realistic there will bound to be something's I will be unable to make myself. Refuse Plastic and single use items. Reduce my waste. Mend what I can. Reuse what I can (hopefully up cycle).  Recycle and Compost. Live a more simple, minimalist life. 

The one thing I've noticed is with nearly (NOT all) everyone I've seen, people are getting rid of every single piece of plastic they own. Obviously not putting it in the trash, they are either selling it or giving it away to other people.

This is what I don't understand. Why are they giving away Usable plastic? By all means if you have too much stuff, sell/donate it. But, they have already purchased it, it has been made. What they need to purchase to replace these things will use energy and resources to make them, won't they?   I know part of this lifestyle is 'Say No To Plastic' and we obviously want to get to the point where we don't have any plastic. There are better, natural resources to use. I think IMO they are just passing the problem onto somebody else. Obviously if you have excessive amounts of items and someone/Charities need the items, then obviously that's okay. But, I just can't understand why not just keep reusing them until they can no longer be used anymore?. If you think about it, every bit of plastic you have ever purchased is still around today. And the bits of plastic you still have will out live you. So the way I see it, because you already have it, you might as well keep it, and hope one day Someone finds away of Recycling it. I've said in my first Zero waste post, I've had a good clean out of my home and Yes I have quite a few pieces of plastic. Mainly containers (Take away containers, which sadly can not be recycled :( they are number 5 plastic numbers ) and a few kitchen utensils which I will keep reusing and will up cycle/recycle what I can. Anything New / second hand I need will Not be plastic

After seeing this movie trailer for A Plastic Ocean, I'm more determined then ever to stick with this zero waste lifestyle.

And watching Boyan Slat videos about the Ocean Clean up.

Hopefully one day we will find a way of recycling all this plastic and No longer produce anymore.

Why should Wildlife suffer?
Geese swimming in Plastic :(

Another thing I've noticed is: Quite a few of the popular Zero Wasters are not Vegan or at least Vegetarians. I don't want to come across as someone telling other people how to live there lives. But, if you are so passionate about being Zero Waste, Saving the planet, Being an environmentalist. Shouldn't you consider being a vegan or at least Vegetarian?


What I said at the beginning of this post, this lifestyle it's not easy for everyone and everyone has different ideas what this lifestyle is. I suppose that is the same for everything, you need to do what is right for you and your beliefs/values.
But after watching Cowspiracy and I've been doing my own research into the Meat and Dairy industries (aka FACTORY FARMING :( :( ) for a while . (IMO) It doesn't feel right being zero waste and/or an environmentalist and still support the meat and dairy industries.
Check out Cowspiracy on Netflix.

Again these are my views and opinions, I would love to know what you think.

Do you aim for a Zero waste / Minimalist  Lifestyle? Have you seen Cowspiracy? What are your views? I would love to know.

Till next time,

Eat Clean ~ Train Mean ~ Live Green :)

Donna x


  1. Nice post! After reading Marie Kondo's book, I went through a serious declutter, I gave away a lot of stuff that I felt like I didn't need or use. Then I read zero waste home and decluttered even more - I got rid of plastic tupperware and plastic kitchen utensils (I took it t charity shops) mainly because I got paranoid about the toxins and leaching when in contact with food and drink. I hardly replaced any of it because there were already the better alternatives in the kitchen. I think I bought a wooden spatula and clip top jars (of course). I gave away other things but I don't want to ramble on! I started going vegetarian last year and have been dairy free since watching cowspiracy around christmas! I still eat eggs so I can't give myself the vegan label. For me it was a slow transition, for both vegetarian and dairy free and now I can say I've got there, although I aim to be vegan eventually. A lot of people seem to be aware and are reducing their meat consumption, I suppose for some it just takes time to wean off, like all habits I guess. Everything takes time, some have gone zero waste and changed eating habits one before the other or at the same time. But I think for all environmentalist thinkers, both are inevitable, it's just sometimes change only starts when you're shown how to do it (like me) :)

    1. Hi Juliette. Thank you for reading. I agree with you once you can see how things are done, it looks easier (I've been watching a lot of zero waste youtube videos!) and habits can be difficult, we all need to go at our own pace :) And yes I also got a few clip top jars :)
      I'm the same with vegetarian, I gradually cut out meat, then I had to stop dairy . Now since watching Cowspiracy I'm cutting out eggs. I'm hoping to say I'm Vegan soon. But being gluten intolerant I'm finding it difficult at the moment finding vegan alternatives.
      I will have a look at Marie Kondo's book :)
      Wish you all the best :)