Monday, 4 April 2016

Be Active ~ March Fitness Diary

Boat Pose with a Boat

I'm going to be completely honest. I again have not got back into my Fitness routine. I'm not sure why. Maybe because of the weather? Or I've just been busy? Or, I'm just getting a bit more relaxed and not stressing about Fatloss anymore.  
Something must be working because at the end of February. I've finally reached a goal weight.. I'm now finally below 9st!!

I still have one more goal, my final Goal weight I would like to reach, and that was the weight I was at before my weight gain started. I'm not giving myself a time to reach this goal. I'm going to get there when my body is ready. I want this FAT to stay off.


Even though in the past three months, I haven't been sticking to my routine,  I've still stuck with the yoga challenges and I've been going for walks. So I've been doing some Stretching, Body weight and cardio 'workouts' everyday (nearly everyday with the cardio).

I've have said before (blog post HERE), (IMO) I believe you don't need a gym to lose Fat / get Fit. Obviously if your goal is to get big muscles then you do need weights which gyms provide, but you can also purchase weights for yourself to use at home.

But whether you choose gym or no gym, as long as you are active, getting your body moving and eating right! you will reach your goals.

And this month I've been more active then I have been in a long time!

I mentioned in a blog post (here) back in January 2015! We finally got our bikes at our home...over a year later and we finally got on our Bikes. We ended up out for at least 2 hours! I had so much fun. I used to Love riding my bike when I was younger. I would spend hours! on it. I was surprised at first I was feeling knackered, but then I realised we started off going UP HILL!! lol. Also to my surprise, my legs felt great as well the next few days after. I must be a lot fitter than I thought. Because I was really expecting to ache!.

I've been going on a lot more walks. Which has been great..(might sound silly to some, but with my anxiety (Post here) I sometimes find it difficult to go out). But, Since I've got my litter pick 

(Instagram @donnaukx Pics)

It keeps my mind occupied. Obviously I would prefer to NOT need the litter pick, but I'm quite content in litter picking while I'm out on my walks. Again, I would prefer there to be NO Litter!.

I don't know why I'm so content... I really don't understand Anxiety sometimes. Sometimes I can't go for even a little walk..But I will pick up litter a long a busy street and don't give two hoots if people are watching! What ever it is. When ever I'm out, I Pledge I will always Take 3 for the Sea :)

Here are the Yoga poses, I attempted this month.

One of the challenges was Headstand Madness! 10 days of practicing Headstands :). (The other 5 poses are videos. Which are on my Instagram page @donnaukx)

I LOVED this challenge! I love that I can do headstands again :) By the end of this challenge, I noticed it was getting easier to lift myself up into the headstand and with most of the different variations, I didn't need a wall behind me :). The only downside was, I ended up with a big bruise on my right forearm, near my elbow...Think that is where I must put most of my weight when I do Headstands.

Going back to my Fitness Routine and why I haven't gotten back into it. I'm definitely not finished on my Fitness Journey, I still want to see what this body can do. Maybe I just need to change my routine. It was working before, But where I was at before in my Fitness Journey is totally different to where I'm now. I'm in a completely different head space now. Which btw is AWESOME.
I suppose that's why we call it a journey :).

We will see what happens next month :). 

How's your Fitness Journey going?

Till next time

Donna x

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