Thursday, 28 April 2016

Handmade Cushion Cover ~ Crochet Lately

I've spent the first part of this year, having a good old sort through of all my things (If you didn't already know that, blog post here will explain all :) ) . While I was doing this I came across a few cushions I had packed away.  They don't really go with anything in my home, but they are still in great condition. It seems a waste to get rid of them. Instead of packing them away again or selling them, I went through my Yarn stash and found a set of colours I think go really well together, and I decided to make this cushion useable again.

I also found quite a few White hand towels that have never been used. That's probably because I can't be trusted with anything white :).
I made a cover out of the towel around the cushion. Luckily the towel was a near perfect fit.
Then I got started on the cover.
I ended up going with the good old Granny Stitch pattern.
I wanted to do each side a different design.
Same colours and pattern. But different design.
So I wont get bored with the cushion :)
I'm very pleased with the way this cushion as turned out. I'm glad I've made it useable again :)
Now, I need to decide on what to do with these two...
I will let you know :) ideas are welcome :)
Do you like to upcycle? What have you upcylced lately? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know :)
Till next time

Donna x

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