Monday, 16 May 2016

What we've been..Mending ~ Upcycling ~ Recycling (Part 1 DIY)

I thought I would share on here as part of my zero waste journey what I/we have Mended and Up cycled :) Plus a little DIY series of the things that might have ended up in landfill, made useable again.
2 weeks into starting Zero Waste, our Vacuum cleaner stopped working. At first we thought it was just the belt that needed replacing (which is very cheap, quick and easy to replace). But after taking a closer look, another part had broken. Instead of taking it to the local dump, my dad took it to a local appliance repair shop for us. The Vacuum cleaner only cost £40 to be fixed and works like its brand new. A new decent cleaner would cost a lot more and it didn't go to landfill. :)
Sadly, the same couldn't be said for our washing machine!. After 8 years it decided to break on us :(. We tried tirelessly to repair it ourselves but alas we had to purchase a new one. Luckily the place where we got it from took our old one away to be recycled. I can only put my trust in them and hope that it is going to be recycled.
Next time an appliance stops working, (we know this will happen, because sadly things are not made to last anymore :( ). Check to see if it can be fixed before getting rid. You could save yourself some money.
Also take into account how old your appliance is. (older then 5+ years) Newer machines are more energy efficient, which means in the long term you will be saving more energy.
Our New machine is bigger and more energy efficient than our old one. So all good :)
After cleaning out my wardrobe, I found a pair of PJs right at the back. The PJ bottoms had lost their elastic. I obviously over stretched them when I was over weight. There is nothing else wrong with this set. So I got my self some elastic (from my craft box) and sewn new elastic in the waist band. Now I can wear them again. :) If you don't want to use elastic (I only used because I had some) you can use string (craft obviously, you want them to look pretty :) ) and/or ribbon and make them drawstring.
One man's trash is another man's treasure.
I've upcycled these Coffee Jars. Luckily my mum had been saving her Jars. They are too nice and useful to dispose of. I wanted to use glass storage jars to store my food in. So I very kindly took 6 jars :). My kitchen cupboards are starting to look so pretty and organised. :). If you don't want to purchase New jars, you can find glass jars in charity shops and boot sales. I sadly haven't found any yet but I know they are out there. I've seen people share their finds on Instagram.
I turned 2 glass jars, which were pickled beetroot jars......
Into Plant pots. Yes the glass jars and the lids can be recycled. But recycle is always the last option. I needed some plant pots, so I upcycled. Luckily my Dad is a painter and decorator by trade, so I can use paint that he has left over.
I thought the vase looked a bit boring, so I crocheted a band around the top.
Can't wait to see how they look when the plant gets bigger :)
Did you know Spider plants are one of the best house plants for removing impurities in the air within your home :).
And last but by no means least. The Mirror I found. Please check out my blog post about how I upcycled this mirror. Here
This is all what we have needed to mend and what we've upcycled so far this year.
I've been collecting cereal boxes, to turn into storage / organisation solutions. Which I will share in my next DIY post.
Hopefully this might help you, and give you ideas on what you can save/rescue. Not only are we doing our little bit to save the planet with these little things. But, we are also saving money, and in some cases helping little, local businesses :) Which is AWESOME :)
Till next time
Donna x

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  1. Cute ideas for the extra jars! I like that you mentioned recycling as a "last" option; so important, and people always seem to put that before "conscious shopping". I have heard others say, "Recycling is the best alternative we have" when really the best alternative is to avoid packaging altogether, or stick to cardboard and glass (cardboard = compostable or for use in garden; glass = makes pretty upcycle projects).

    I recently used up a glass oil container and it is quite a pretty shape, so I will use it as a flower vase, as I do not have one.

    1. Thank you for reading :)
      Yes, sadly I was one of those who thought, filling up a recycling bag once a week, meant I was doing a good thing! luckily I'm not anymore. Recycling is the last option, Upcycling is so much fun. The crafter in me is loving it :) Zero waste is the way to go :)