Friday, 10 June 2016

DIY Artwork ~ Spooning since 2000

This little project, even though it took a few hours to do (drying time took most of the time), took months to finally complete it.  I come across this 'Spooning since' on Facebook a while ago and I wanted to do my own one, but I didn't know what or how to do it.

I have a box of plain canvass in my craft stash, so I saved one for it. And I have some letter stickers, which I have had for years. I made sure I had enough letters, so they all would match. I used a Sharpie to colour them in.

I went with black.

This is where it took months to finally complete.

A few months ago my Mr got a cereal box (kelloggs) with a Free Personalised Spoon promotion on it. So I saved the code.  I can't eat Kelloggs cereal and this was also just before we started our Zero Lifestyle. I had to wait for my Mr. and then family members to eat the cereal to get the other codes (overall we needed 6 boxes!!). 

Obviously I only got these spoons because my family members ate the cereal and we had the codes. If they didn't I would've just used normal spoons. I did originally want this to be a "use up what I have" DIY project, being part of my goal to use up my craft stash and don't purchase anything new (see blog post HERE) But that didn't happen. TBH I was hoping the personalisation on the spoons would've been better than what it turned out to be. But I didn't know until we got them. So lesson learnt. In future don't fall for the advertisements and have a go at making your own :).

I made sure the ink was completely dry on the letters before I attempted to peel them off and place them on my canvas.

But I thought it looked a bit too plain. So I decided to make a bow with a piece of ribbon from my stash and glued the bows on to each spoon.

 One blue, one purple

I then very carefully super glued the spoons to the canvas.

I think it looks great

Time: a few hours (drying time)
Money: £3 (spoons)

Everything I used apart from the spoons, I had in my craft stash already. 

Overall I'm really happy with it. Our own little personalised artwork :).

Do you make your own Artwork for your home?

Till next time
Donna x

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